2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas for Your Trendy Home

The year is reaching an end eventually, and it’s time to redecorate your bedroom so you can have a trendy decor that everyone will be amazed. Those colors and decor items that you currently have may not be suitable anymore next year.

For your inspiration, we have compiled some 2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can add to your reference list right away!

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas

All-White Farmhouse Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 1
Source: thistlewoodfarms.com

When it comes to everlasting decorating style, the farmhouse should be at the top of the list. In this idea, the ceiling is covered with wood planks in which the topper section is painted white while the sides are left with their rustic finish. In an instant, those elements give a stunning farmhouse nuance around the room.

Chic Funky Style

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 2
Source: raudette.files.wordpress.com

Next year, you might need to forget the minimalist bedroom with a neutral overall look and move on to something which is more colorful. This bedroom actually applies an all-white look (which is typical for minimalist decor) but those catchy bedroom accessories add a more attractive touch gorgeously. Some patterns and textures also complete the decor.

Bright Pastel Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 3
Source: monikahibbs.com

For you who are looking for a more uniform nuance, this 2023 bedroom decor ideas is the one that you can’t skip. White is the main color of the room which is applied to the walls, ceiling, pieces of furniture, and main accessories. They work really well to brighten up the room in a very beautiful way.

The decor relies on natural elements to make the room look more attractive.

Catchy Color Pop

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 4
Source: aarynwest.com

If you prefer to only use one contrasting color to enhance the attractiveness of your minimalist bedroom, this idea is a good reference for you. Yellow pops up some catchy touch to this bedroom with powder blue walls. The color looks strikingly gorgeous among the neutral nuance of the room that you can copy easily.

Striking Eclectic Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 5
Source: roomdecorideas.eu

Eclectic decorating style is always the best option for those who love freedom and prefer to bring various elements to your bedroom decor. This 2023 bedroom decor ideas shows a nice example of applying an eclectic style that you can copy.

The wood ceiling in white, earthy beige wallpaper and a sheet in a colorful Morrocan pattern are the elements that bring the style of the room to a whole new level.

Simple Trendy Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 6
Source: bangonstyleblog.com

Another inspiring bedroom decor for you who love a neutral overall look. Soft gray colorizes the wall and the other focal point in a similar color but deeper shades are chosen, creating an ultimate neutral nuance with a very comfortable vibe. White bedding accessories and wall art even complement grey very well.

Enchanting Nautical Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 7
Source: beachwoodplace.blogspot.com

One thing about the nautical decorating style is that you can enjoy the beach vibe once you enter the room. Here, the textured bedding accessories in aqua blue are the centerpiece of the room which gives nautical touch significantly.

Other decor items like a vintage headboard, rustic nightstand, faux starfish, seagrass wreath, and earthy mirror fit really well for the nautical decor of the room.

Pastel Boho Style

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 13
Source: livvyland.com

Just like farmhouse, the boho decorating style never loses its popularity from time to time. It never fails to create an adorable look and comfortable vibe at the same time.

This 2023 bedroom decor shows a very simple way to bring Boho style to your bedroom. Textures white sheets, pastel fury pillows, and tufted headboard build the bedding while the rustic elements complement it. They are enough to tell everyone that you have a gorgeous Boho bedroom.

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Striking Wallpaper Touch

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 8
Source: poppytalk.com

Adding a wall-to-ceiling wallpaper is always an easy way to style up your room stunningly just like this idea shows. The wallpaper comes in monochrome print which perfectly matches the color palette of the room. The bedding with a gold vintage frame and stylish pillows looks very attractive as the main focal point.

Modern Rustic Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 9
Source: thedesignerpad.com

Instead of using real wood, this bedroom uses striking wallpaper with wood plank print which gives an elegant rustic touch to its decor. The bedding’s neutral look juxtapose the nuance of the room to let the natural vibe burst around. Industrial lighting then completes the decor and also works as an additional lighting source.

Pretty Feminine Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 10
Source: decorativebedroom.com

Purple is included in the color palette of their bedroom which instantly gives a feminine nuance to the room. It’s not only the bedding accessories which comes in purple, but the ceiling is also styled in striped with the combination of purple and white.

The bedroom has a neutral overall look with the use of grey for the walls and flooring which let purple pop up attractively. It’s a very nice inspiration bedroom decoration for women.

Elegant Bright Decor

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 11
Source: hm.com

Navy is one of the most favorite colors that may emerge next year and applying it to your bedroom decor is never a bad idea. This one is a good inspiration that you can copy in which navy works to colorize the walls elegantly. Some bedding accessories in navy also complements the wall.

To prevent the overwhelming nuance, white is chosen as the secondary color of the palette.

Warm Neutral Look

2023 Bedroom Decor Ideas 12
Source: dearlillieblog.blogspot.hu

The combination of grey walls and white ceiling makes this bedroom fit really well for you who want to enjoy neutral nuance. The bedding and bench in a similar color combination complement the overall look of the room. To warm up the decor, dark wood flooring is chosen cleverly.

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Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Now, you may already have an inspiration that you are planning to your very own bedroom. Before you even start, deep cleaning the room sound like a very good idea.

Besides, you can’t have a good night’s sleep when your bedroom is dirty and messy. The bedding, pieces of furniture, and decor items inside the room really need some deep-cleaning steps eventually.

Here, we share with you a simple bedroom deep cleaning guide that you can follow easily to get the job done in no time.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning
Photo by SHOP SLO® on Unsplash

Grab these supplies:

  1. Duster or damp cloth
  2. Vacuum
  3. Broom
  4. Mop
  5. Laundry detergent
  6. Commercial upholstery detergent

Follow the steps below:

Quick declutter

You can’t deep clean your bedroom with a lot of stuff scattered here and there. Therefore, let’s start by tidying up everything. Store your items in their proper places, toss the dirty laundry into the hamper, and throw away the trash.

Handle the bed

Once the room is quite neat, let’s deal with the elephant of the room, the bedding.

  1. Remove every single linen from the bed which includes sheets, quilts, duvet covers, throws, pillowcases, and others.
  2. Check the label of each piece of linen and if it’s machine-washable, you can put them in the laundry. The other linens that are not machine-washable can be done with hand-washing or dry-cleaner. Hand-washing is easy and you can get done all by yourself but for dry-cleaning, asking for help from pros is always a wiser idea.
  3. If you have washed the linens recently or simply don’t feel like putting a lot of elbow grease, you can bring the linens outside and shake the dust and debris off. Another alternative is to use the upholstery cleaner to clean particular spots.
  4. Now your bed is ‘naked’ and it’s time to clean the mattress. You can start by vacuuming the entire mattress and use the upholstery cleaner again to clean the spots.
  5. Make sure that you flip the mattress over.

Clean up the decor items

Dust is every decor item’s enemy and you can’t skip cleaning them up when it comes to bedroom deep cleaning. You can either use a duster or a damp cloth to dust them. Besides those decorative items, don’t forget to clean the crown molding, ceiling fans, and air vents which are frequently overlooked.

Check other upholstered stuff

If you have other pieces of furniture which are upholstered, take off the cushions and shake the dust off outside. Clean the inside of the furniture by using a vacuum and treat the stains with upholstery cleaner.

Check the storage stations

If you are happy with the way your shelves, dresser, and bedside table are now, you don’t have to empty them out and rearrange everything. You just have to clean up the surface with a duster or damp cloth.

Reducing the number of your items is always a wise idea when your storage stations are a little bit crowded. You can either donate or sell unused items at the flea markets.

Clean the floors

The last step of this bedroom deep cleaning guide is to sweep and mop the flooring. Of course, make your bed and put everything back together again once you are done.

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