3 Pretty Ways to Decorate and Style a Coffee Table

A coffee table is often one of the most underrated parts of a living room. It can be used to eat food, get some work done, play games, or even as a place to kick your feet up and have a cup of cometeer coffee (learn about cometeer coffee at Good Fika).

There are many different types of coffee tables, and they can differ in terms of both their shape and the materials they are made of. While the table itself is important, so is how it is decorated and styled. With that in mind, this article is going to take a look at some gorgeous ways to decorate your coffee table.

Keep it Balanced

The first way to decorate a coffee table is to do your best to keep it balanced. If your coffee table features a jumbled mess of different items on one side, and then  a completely clear other side, it can look a little strange.

A good way to keep it balanced is to use symmetry. Keep similar decor (both in size and amount) on each side to help the table look cohesive. Each side doesn’t have to be the exact same in terms of what is on the table, but it should look united and relatively in order.

Also, another way you can decide to go about balancing your coffee table is to feature both small and large items. This contrast can look great and give the table a bit more excitement, without sending it too far off balance.

Use Flowers or Other Natural Elements


Adding flowers or other plants that look good on your coffee table can be a great way to decorate it, too. They add some freshness to any room, a beautiful scent and can fit with almost any decor.

Also, consider swapping out the natural elements along with the seasons. This spices things up and can get you in the mood for certain occasions. Tulips are great for Easter and the season of spring, while a pumpkin or gourd is perfect for autumn and Halloween. Plants and flowers can also be an easy and affordable way to add a little more color to your space, too.

Ensure it Fits With the Room

Lastly, you want to make sure that whatever you design you choose for your coffee table, it fits with the rest of your room. A coffee table decorated a certain way might look incredible in a rustic living room, but may look awfully out of place in a modern one. If your coffee table sticks out like a sore thumb when compared to the rest of your space, this is generally not a good look.

It should also fit the color scheme of the room and be part of the cohesiveness of the entire space. Also, take some time to make sure that the coffee table looks good from all angles, as you never know where someone may be standing when they see it for the first time.

All of these ways to decorate your coffee table are sure to take your home design to the next level and help your space look great.

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