4 Perks of Pest Control For Your Home

Do you currently have pest control for your home? Is it something you’re considering right now? Professional pest control offers several advantages, and it is certainly worth the consideration of your time and money. We all know that living with pests is an unwanted situation. Dealing with unwanted pests is something that many homeowners and businesses have to go through every day. To avoid infestations, you may enlist the help of a professional. Professional pest control will use chemical or organic pesticides to deter infestations or eliminate infestations.

When it comes to home pest control, you may be on the fence as to whether or not it is the right choice for you. But take a look at these top four advantages to choosing pest control for your home and why it should certainly be a priority.

Prevent Diseases

One thing you should know about pests is that they carry diseases. This may be common knowledge, but maybe you don’t know just how widespread the disease problem can be with pests. For example, did you know that rats carry up to 35 different diseases? Many of these are transferable to humans. That makes them a huge risk factor for any homeowner. To eliminate the problem, you may look at potential pest control solutions, including those that use rodent-specific pesticides or traps. Your professional pest controller will offer solutions to best control the problem, which may or may not be a humane way to deal with the situation. Chemical pesticides have long been used as they are highly effective. When it comes to rodent infestations, organic solutions aren’t as effective.

Long Term Prevention

One reason you may select professional pest control for your home is the long-term effects it has. When using organic pest control, you won’t have the same residual effects as chemical pesticides. Over time organic solutions will lose their effectiveness, making them not the best choice to guard against infestations or to act as a deterrent. Instead, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, we highly recommend chemical pest control for your home. This will not only kill active infestations, but it will also be the stronger choice over time. It will deter pests from coming into your home which is typically the main objective for most homeowners when using pest control services.

Safe For Humans And Pets

What you may realize about pesticides in today’s market is that they’re safe for use inside and outside of the home. When applied by a professional and safely done so, they are not toxic to humans and pets. But it is important that you work with a professional pest controller to ensure the application is made according to local standards. Every type of pesticide has a different protocol, even if they seem similar. But when you use it properly, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family, even your pets, are safe.

Treats A Wide Range Of Infestations

The great thing about choosing professional pest control for your home is that it treats a wide range of infestations. Most homes will have varying degrees of infestations and different types of pests they’re dealing with. For example, one home may be having a horrible problem with bed bugs, while another home experiences issues with ants. You won’t treat each of these situations the same. You’ll want to have a customized treatment plan to ensure the infestation is dealt with properly. When it comes to bed bugs, for example, you will want to use a heat treatment versus a pesticide. Most pesticides aren’t that effective against this type of pest.

The good news about professional pest control is that they will use whatever type of chemical pesticide or protocol to deal with an active infestation. The ultimate goal will be to give you a pest-free home.

Choices For Pest Control

The great news about professional pest control is that you have options. The two main types of pest control you will see include organic and chemical. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which is the best choice, as it is dependent on the person and their feelings on the matter. Organic has its own set of advantages over chemical, while chemical may seem to reign supreme and other categories. Let’s take a look at each.


What exactly is organic pest control? Utilizing what we already know about natural pest deterrents, these are put to work deterring, not killing, pests. For example, rosemary and citronella are known to be pest deterrence in the garden. Why would this work in your home? That is the theory that organic pesticides function off of. They will use organic oils to deter pests from entering the home. It makes it an inhabitable place. However, if you’ve ever had a garden, you know that oftentimes these methods of pest control will wane over time. They lose their effectiveness, and pests will begin to appear again.


Chemical pest control has been widely used since the 1930s. It is a popular option because it is known to be effective, and it takes care of a wide range of pest problems. Chemical pest control can be used as a spray, granular, or trap. In dealing with cockroaches and ants, your pest controller may opt for a bait system using chemicals as the first line of defense against infestations in your home.


 Gecko Pest Services is a Chico-based pest control company serving residential and commercial clients in the area. They offer both chemical and organic pest control solutions with a phenomenal 10-step process for pest control. When choosing a professional for your infestation issues, we recommend that you choose a company that is experienced and certified to use different types of pest control solutions. Professional-grade pesticides are often more effective than anything you can buy store-bought.

Final Thoughts

 Are you struggling with whether or not to invest in professional pest control for your home? There are many advantages, including those listed above. If you’re looking for a pest-free home where you don’t have to worry about being woken up at night by creepy crawlies, then perhaps investing in pest control is the right choice for you.


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