5 Basic Kitchen Remodel Projects You Can DIY

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For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the family home and as such, it’s an area we want to look after and thus regularly update and improve. If you’re thinking about an upgrade you might be wondering where to start remodeling your kitchen, but before you spend thousands on such a drastic overhaul, you can always try to do something new in your space with a little help from your DIY skills.

Even small projects can easily make a difference. They could at least hold off the need for a full-on upgrade, depending on how well you execute them and the current state of your kitchen overall. They are good enough to make an impact while you save up for the more extravagant plan you have been dreaming about.

  1. Deep cleaning. A spiffy clean and organized kitchen is a beautiful kitchen, no matter what the age is. If you can allot time for deep cleaning the space, scrubbing and washing every surface, and removing clutter, do so. It will make a huge impact not just on the overall appeal of your kitchen but also on its function. Keeping things neat and well in order will help you enjoy optimum convenience, making your time in the kitchen worthwhile.
  2. Fresh new paint. One of the basic, cost-effective, and DIY-able jobs you can take is applying a new paint color to your walls and cabinets. Paint has very strong transformative powers. It can make the entire kitchen space look crisp and clean. Deciding on the paint color depends on your prime focal point. There has to be a scheme, according to your design plan. That will lead you the way.
  3. Change cabinet hardware. There are a lot of investments you should make in your kitchen to upgrade its function but since you have a tight budget, you should start with the small things first. Changing the cabinet’s knobs and pulls may be cheap but it can instantly make a big impression, adding a bit of shine into your kitchen. And it is not so hard to do.
  4. Light up. Your lighting fixtures can also make or break the mood in your kitchen. They can be utilized to level up some little projects you have done as well. After a significant cleanup and applying fresh new paint, you may want to add or switch to more suitable lighting to show off your hard work.
  5. Backsplash your way to good design. If you want an inexpensive kitchen update, adding backsplash tiles is your best resort. This trend has recently gained popularity, especially the peel-and-stick vinyl tiles kind. They do not require grout and are most suitable for the handyman. Backsplash tiles are available in various designs. You can choose what complements your current kitchen style and make it look even more gorgeous.

There are plenty of small kitchen remodel projects that you can take, based on the need in your kitchen, the size of your budget, and your DIY skills. Do not be afraid to explore the little differences you can make to ensure that your kitchen space is as functional and as stylish as you need or want it to be.

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