5 Best Kitchen Cabinet Types You Can Choose From:

Kitchen cabinets used to be the primary part of the kitchen because they would provide a lot of storage to you. However, they have now become the backbone of the kitchen and no one can even imagine decorating a kitchen and making it aesthetically pleasing without using cabinets. Choosing the right type of cabinet, designing it and installing it will incur you some cost that you will definitely go for if your mission is to make your kitchen look beautiful

If you are someone looking for some creative and unique ideas while constructing or remodeling the kitchen of your house, you must read this post.

Pantry cabinets:

If you need the maximum storage in your kitchen, you can choose cabinets that go all the way from the floor to the roof. They have numerous cabinets intended to fulfil your storage needs as much as possible. For some people, these tall cabins are not good-looking. However, it also depends on the overall design of the kitchen. In some kitchens, pantry cabins completely fit in. Due to their length, you can give your kitchen a vertical look or make it less horizontal if you add these cupboards in your kitchen

Flat pack kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen cupboards with flat pack designs are a best option if you are looking for a remodelling idea that dramatically changes the overall face of your kitchen. They are best to be considered for people who are looking for inexpensive storage option in their kitchen. They have some custom specifications that allow you to change their shape and size as per your requirements. Check out flat pack kitchen cabinets at Kaboodle NZ.


It is another type of drawer that is generally flat and comes with a wooden slate placed horizontally. The best part of using these cabinets is that they allow the air to pass through the kitchen due to having a space between each wooden slate. However, keep it in mind that these cabinets are rather expensive. They have a tendency to boost the overall look of the kitchen immediately.

Drawer cabinets

One of the most basic and conventional kitchen cabinets is drawer cabinet. People who mostly rely on the kitchen cupboards must choose them to be there as they are highly functional. It is important to ensure that the quality of these drawers is kept on board when you are buying them. The plywood used on them should be thick and of high quality. Get the assistance of an expert in case you want something that stands out.

Basic cabinets:

These drawers are called basic cabinets because they are mostly found in kitchens and best to be used when some of the heavy kitchen utensils are to be stored. They are a good option to choose especially when you are looking for cupboards which have a sturdy base for countertops. However,  don’t forget to make that you choose something which is sturdy and strong enough to provide sufficient support to the countertop.

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