6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Door’s Aesthetic

Is your door up for an update?

Your door may be up for an update if you look at it and you feel like it no longer reflects that mood and feel of your house’s aesthetic. Your door completes the look of your home so we understand how tricky the decision can be. Updating it does not have to be complicated though because there are so many options to choose from these days.

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To give you an idea of how fun and exciting updating your door can be, we talked to design experts and asked them about easy things that you could do today to boost the look of your door. We collected six of the most simple, practical, and fun door updating tricks, especially for you. Read on and have fun!

Expert Tip #1: Clean, clean, clean.

You will be amazed at how instantly beautiful your door would look if you’d simply give it a deep clean! This updating trick is so fun because you won’t spend money at all. Everything that you’d need to give your door a deep clean is already in your household. Use your broom and vacuum and go all out in removing accumulated dust, cobwebs, dirt, and leaves. Use a soapy rug to wet your door and remove grime, oily fingerprints, and dog paw dirt. For intense cleaning, you can even hose it down. Just make sure that you let it dry off to prevent the build-up of water spots. And of course, don’t forget to deep clean sidelights and panels.

Expert Tip #2: Give it a paint!

You can easily make your door pop and feel refreshed by using paint! This is a cool update trick as you won’t need to spend much. Choosing a color is also an altogether exciting experience. As colors are fun to work with, you could either go bold or subtle. Bold colors like red and black always make a great impression.

Before painting though, you should first dedicate time to studying the front elevation. Your color of choice should complement the shade of your trim and siding. Before picking a color though, you should have a look in mind. Pick fresh colors if you want to give your door a modern look. Opt for subtle ones if you want an elegant effect.

Expert Tip #3: New hardware can do magic!

A simple change and update on your hardware can have much impact. You’d be amazed at how updating your kick plates, mail slots, handles, knows, door knockers, and house number can do so much wonder on the overall look of your door. You can even update its function by opting for new lock technologies. What’s amazing with this update is you won’t need to spend more. You’d be surprised at how polished and made up your door can look by just changing one or two items. Prioritize updating ones that are already rusty and drab. For a solid feel, you can opt to choose one color for all the updated items. Such will immediately make your door look revived!

Expert Tip #4: Let there be light!

Light is a potent design factor that can create wonders in the feel and vibe of any space with just a click. Apart from your home’s safety and protection, door lighting is essential in solidifying your house’s overall look. Hence, turning to them when you need to update your door is always ideal! You’d love how changing the lights surrounding your door can immediately freshen the space. For an updated look, you can consider installing matching sconces. For covered porches, a light update can be done by considering pendant lights or flush mount fixtures.

Expert Tip #5: Use accessories!

Sometimes, you don’t even need to paint, clean, or replace anything. Sometimes, you simply need to place additional accessories! If you have yet to consider accessorizing your door, then consider this an open invitation. Skipping on accessorizing your door is simply not okay as you’re missing a lot of fun and space to show your personality and aesthetic preferences. Items like doormats can be easily used to update the look of your space. If you have a large porch, you can also add plants here and there.  Just always remember that the trick in accessorizing is in adding texture, color, and dynamics in any space. In accessorizing, you could also consider adding fragrance! Go all out on activating all senses when accessorizing your door! You’d enjoy browsing through all options!


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Expert Tip #6: Be open to buying a new one.

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget that you should also be open to buying a new door. As much as updating your current door can be fun, you need to have the insight to decide if what you ultimately need is a brand new door. You definitely need to opt for a brand new door if the one that you already have is already dysfunctional, severely damaged, or no longer lockable. You should also consider replacing it if it already has moisture between panes of glass or if it is already warped, weathered, or cracked. Such doors never leave a good impression and there is no point in keeping them in your space. If you’re looking for something new, you could check out Doorstop composite doors that come in modern and elegant designs. When choosing doors though, never forget that function should still be your top priority.  

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