7 Budget-friendly Ways to Revamp Your Humble Abode

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“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels better to come back.”

-Wendy Wunder

Imagining about our humble abode, we think about the peace, comfort, and serenity that brings tranquility to our minds. All-day exhaustion and fatigue are carried away merely by the thought of lying down on the cozy couch placed in our living room. The house’s design must give the sight of pleasure and delight to you and the one visiting it.

Our homes require a revamp after some time. Also, changes are necessary to eliminate monotonous design and style. People always look for ideas that do not cost much and bring significant changes to the existing setting.

We are here with some budget-friendly hacks if you intend to get a pleasant modification to your sweet home.

1.    Using a Self-Storage Unit

If you have the facility of a self-storage unit, try putting all the unused stuff in it. It is beneficial for storing large furniture and appliances that otherwise take a lot of space if placed inside the house. You can rent out Olympia storage units to hoard the belongings that are necessary for later use. These storage units guarantee security and help in reducing clutter.

Another significant advantage of self-storage units is that they are cost-efficient. The rental companies sometimes offer free transport to attract customers and generate word of mouth. The self-storage units are flexible to use, and you can access them at any time of the day. Therefore, one can efficiently use the units to create space in the house and put unutilized stuff in a safer place.

2.    Re-Paint your Home with Vibrant Colors

‘Why buy it when you can make it at half a price?’ If you can paint, try to look for some fantastic DIY ideas on the internet. You can do abstract art to bring a change to conventionally painted walls. Paint a smaller area on the wall, particularly a niche or a single wall, to avoid a bigger mess.

Additionally, you can change the colors of the kitchen backsplash, fireplace bricks, cabinets, and even floors. It will cost less than re-painting the entire house. Painting the furniture is also trendy these days. You can bring some innovative ideas to color the wooden furniture, such as benches, doors, chairs, etc., with decoupage techniques.

3.    Bring in some Contemporary decorative stuff

Buy some inexpensive yet stylish decoration pieces to place on your chest side and center tables. You can put antique vases, timepieces, and frames on contrasting table runners placed underneath. Adding colorful ribbons to the curtains and lampshades can punch up the room.

Place the floor cushions in the living and bedroom, giving it a soothing view. You can also place scented candles in the spa, on the tables, and besides the lamps. Use accent colors for floor rugs. The drawer handles or pulls can be substituted with vintage ones. Often remnants are sold at huge discounts. One can make use of these remnants by creatively placing them at prominent points in the house.

4.    Addition of Wall Hangings

There are many ways to revamp the existing walls. One can make use of DIY ideas to create different wall hangers, frames, and wind chimes. Traditional wooden frames are back in trend now. Also, hanging antique mirrors will give a classical look.

Moreover, paintings with blissful colors will present an aesthetically pleasing view. Add appealing phrases to the pictures and make a wall of frames with motivational quotes. You can also use handcrafted items to hang on the walls. Make sure that the walls are not stuffed with frames and try to place them creatively.

5.    Create a small library for books

People who are fond of reading love to collect books. This collection often remains unhandled. Stacking up the book piles is a challenge. Nonetheless, you can quickly get over it by creating a small library. It is unnecessary to allocate a particular room to these books. You can easily add some bookshelves and wooden racks to your living room.

You can also add magazines shelve for the readers. Also, install good reading lights essential to create an ambiance of reading. You can add beautiful green plants and a good scent diffuser to make the room cozy and perfect for the purpose.

6.    Incorporate luscious green plants

Most people hesitate in adding plants indoors because they need proper care. However, including plants in the home settings will reap several benefits. They increase the oxygen level by cleaning and purifying the air. Also, the incorporation of plants softens the overall look of the room by contrasting on hard surfaces.

Place plants of different sizes. They can be placed near the doors, in the gallery, in table vases, and hung on the terrace railings. Plants create a serene ambiance and a pleasant appearance. Adding plants is a cost-effective way of beautifying your humble abode. You can also make an artificial lawn outdoor to add greenery to the exterior.

7.    Fix floating shelves and racks

Another cost-efficient method is the fixation of floating shelves on the walls. They are indeed a versatile way of increasing storage and creating visual interest in the space. They can be added in the kitchen between the cabinets, the washrooms, the kid’s room, etc. Nowadays, rustic wooden reclaimed shelves are also in fashion.

There many ways by which one can add floating shelves making it an exciting feature in the house. You can easily buy them as they are inexpensive. Create a statement by adding vintage as well as contemporary décor items to the shelves.


Home renovation is always a dream-filled task and requires time and money. While we have mentioned all the tips to renovate the interior, don’t overlook its exterior. You can replace the old doors and windows with new cheaper ones, or you can re-paint them in your favorite colors. Hanging chimes and flower pots on the main entrance and placing new mats will give a new look to the house. Summing up, you need to save money to implement all the tips mentioned above. Manage things in a specified budget and search for shops that do not cost a lot.

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