7 Ideas To Style Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are an essential piece of furniture in every bedroom. Styling a bedside table involves a lot of planning, some preparation, and a lot of inspiration. A lot of people make the mistake of being too minimal or putting too much on their bedside table. But when appropriately styled, your bedside table can be more than just a place for your books or alarm clock.

Don’t know whether to go for a flamboyant lamp or a traditional piece of art for yours? Here are several ideas to style bedside tables:

  • Light Up!

If you don’t have lamps hanging over your bed or wall illumination near your bed, you’ll need a bedside lamp. For those who wish to give their bedside table a makeover, this is a terrific way to go. Choose one that complements your room’s décor while not taking up too much space. Your nightstand light should be the focal center of your room, with the rest of your items organized around it.

  • Enhance The Proportions

Proportion is essential when decorating a bedside table. Putting together objects of the same size creates a flat look, but accents of varying heights add dynamic depth. Styling items of varied shapes and sizes can help to create a pleasant sleep environment. Taller designs work best if you’re looking to produce impact and drama. On the other hand, smaller accents generate balance and serenity. It would be best to keep this in mind when decorating your bedside table, as it is generally the last thing you see before you go to sleep.

  • Integrate Texture

Adding texture to the style of a bedside table instantly transforms it into an eye-catching piece. Before choosing which textures to apply, examine the surface you’re working with. Bedside tables come in different types of materials. Wood, glass, and metal are all different textures used to cover them. Similar to how varied proportions provide interest, a variety of textures offers a significant visual impact.

For example, accents with smooth surfaces, such as ceramic vases and table lamps pop against the high sheen of glossy veneers. When paired with a smooth glass surface, tactile objects add interest and texture, such as wired metal pieces or shell decorations.

  • Add A Personal Touch

Bedside tables serve as decorative accents, but they also serve as storage for everyday essentials and personal keepsakes. Useful accessories like clocks and trays can be stylish additions that don’t have to sacrifice functionality. As much as possible, invest in multi-functional designs that serve a purpose and match your aesthetic style.

A bedside can be adorned with a personal touch, as well. It’s easy to personalize a bedside table with a collection of cherished photos or artwork. Candles in your favorite smell or a vase filled with your favorite flowers are also excellent personal touches.

  • Play With Symmetry

Playing with symmetry is a terrific approach to add aesthetic appeal to your project. A ‘mirror image appearance’ may be achieved by placing similar bedside arrangements on opposite ends of the room. Twin table lamps, which lend a feeling of equilibrium to any space, may be used to tastefully frame a bed. The use of complementary accent colors enhances the symmetrical effect. Instead, show two different yet cohesive bedside décor alternatives using a color or material theme.

  • Balance It Out!

A striking bedside table arrangement relies on the balance of complementary and contrasting colors to draw attention to the table’s unique design. Accents should be in the same color palette as your cabinetry. Use a few contrasting tones to prevent a heavy block color effect and create depth to your bedside table. The contrast between light and dark tones can look stunning. Colorful accents such as metallic hues can also be practical. Furthermore, the impact of your bedside decor will be enhanced even more if you choose sheets from the same color family to cover your mattress.

  • Simplicity Is Key

As a rule of thumb, less is more when it comes to bedroom styling. While it’s easy to get carried away when accessorizing your bedside, a few standout pieces are always preferable to the many dull additions. Keep in mind that the purpose of your bedside table accessories is to enhance, not conceal, the surface. When arranging your tabletop, don’t be afraid to leave some blank spaces to show off your choice of texture and material.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, an expertly styled bedside table is essential for every bedroom, perfect for putting a bedroom’s aesthetic together, displaying your unique style, and serving as a home for your things. To effectively style a bedside table, you must put in a significant amount of thought, effort, and creativity. But if you follow the tips in this post, you’ll have no trouble styling your bedside table into a winning arrangement.


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