8 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Living Room

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After spending almost a year at home, your living room might have started to look a bit too lived in. The room has become the heart of the home and you want to spend money on it but you do not want to sacrifice the comfort and style it carries. Elevating the look of the living room does not have to be very expensive. You can make it look super luxurious even without burning a hole in your wallet. Let us take a look at a few easy ways you can upgrade the room.

  1. Add a chandelier in the room

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The moment you hear the word chandelier, you will think of a fancy foyer or an ornate ballroom. Today’s chandeliers are anything but fussy and they are available in a range of different styles and prices to fit any home or apartment. If you have not paid a lot of attention to the ceiling in your home, now is the time to add a chandelier and make it look classy and stylish. You can add a modern, sleek chandelier with five lights, streamlined by steel bars.

  1. Get a new coffee table 

The coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room and by simply switching it for a fresh model, you can transform the entire space. It is also one of the most used tables in the room and it will have stains, scuff marks, or dings after a couple of years. You can consider an eye-catching metal coffee table which also helps save space, has enough space for books and glassware, and is easy to clean. A sleek coffee table will add that edge to the living room.

  1. Add a statement rug 

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Just like the coffee table, a sophisticated rug can center a room and take all the wear and tear. Just kick the carpet to the curb and add an area rug that represents the vibe of the room. Depending on your taste and style, you can add rugs that are a clear representation of your personality. Animal print statement rugs are in this season and they can add color to a neutral space.

  1. Get rid of the wires 

All homes have a snarled mass of wires that is snaking out from the back of your TV. We all are plugged in and we do not need to see the evidence of it. However, it is not as difficult to untangle this mess. You can organize all the wires in a box and hide them away behind the desk or entertainment center.

  1. Decorate the walls

You can transform the living room by decorating the walls. Simply place a shelf to save space and to add to the innovative decor. There are hundreds of unique designs you can choose from. It will add aesthetic to the wall and will also offer space for all the household objects including photos and books.


  1. Go green

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 Add energy to the space with indoor plants but make sure you care for them. If you have a busy schedule, it could become difficult to look after them. This is why you can use air plants. They are easy to care for and pet-friendly. Another great option is succulents, you only need to give them sunlight and a little water and they are good to go. You will find several funky and chic pot holders to choose from.

  1. Add throw pillows 

Add a pop of color to any space by simply adding an artful throw pillow. It helps to mix and match the patterns for a creative look that blends with the living room decor. If you already own pillows, you can buy pillow covers and add a touch of texture to the space. If you have a white or beige living room, adding bright pillows will instantly light up the space. 

  1. Keep time in style 

Many of us have the habit of checking our phone when we need to know the time but an oversized wall clock will do more than that. It will make a style statement and add visual interest to the room. You can have a large clock as a part of the gallery walls or place it  between the other pieces of art and decor. Consider bringing home a wall clock with Roman numerals in place of standard numbers.

These are a few easy ways to upgrade the living room without incurring a lot of expenditure. All you need to do is add a few decor elements and your living room will look as good as new. Since you are not spending a lot of money on it, you can also replace them from time to time and ensure that the living room is classy, comfortable, and reflects your style and personality in the best possible manner.

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