9 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Tropical Decor in Your Home

Sometimes you just want a touch of summer inside your home. Something that reminds you of the sunny days and beautiful sunsets and the light, open weather – but when you think about how to pull it off, it stops sounding so easy. How do you go about making your home feel and look like a tropical paradise, without actually overloading it with sand and plants?

Well, you can try getting some tropical flowers for your home and place them around the place for some color and a tropical feel, and you can even add some bright and tropical colors to your living space for a nice feel.

It’s all things summer when it comes to tropical decor, so keep reading to find out more about it!

1.  Use Sheer Fabrics

Light and open decor is a very big factor in tropical themes – the decor rarely works out if you keep the interior dark and drab. Especially when you think about common living areas like the living room or the dining room, it’s best to let as much air in as possible.

This is why sheer and white fabrics are an awesome choice, especially if you want to make sure that you have the proper airy feel to go with the rest of your decor.

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2.  Lots of Light

No tropical decor is complete without ample natural light, which is also why sheer fabrics are a great choice when it comes to this theme. Make sure you have wide windows that face the sun and let in light as well as the cool summer breeze in the evenings.

3.  Use Plants

There’s nothing that screams tropical paradise like the right plants. Instead of getting some small greens for the vase, try getting taller indoor plants for the corners of your room. In fact, there is no amount of plants that is too many, so as long as you’re sure you can handle taking care of them, knock yourself out.

If you have limited floor space and don’t want to put anything in the way, you can hang plants in vertical planters along a wall. Things like vines and small plants do particularly well in this setup, and it’ll still provide that hint of green you need for your interior decor.

As for decorating your bedroom with the right amount of green, the best places to keep plants are either in a vase on your bedside table, a large plant in the corner, or an indoor garden in your window.

4.  Use Color

You might be thinking that a tropical theme is all about sheer fabrics and greenery, but that’s just one aspect of tropical decor. In reality, the first thing people think of when they talk about tropical decor is bright, bold colors and patterns interspersed with green plants and natural decor.

Couches, throws, cushions, walls, even the decor is often bright and cheerful, with colors that remind you of the beach and the sunsets there.

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This can mean any number of combinations, from subtle blues and yellows to bright pink, purple, and blue. As long as you take inspiration from the right sources, you can be as creative you want with the colors and patterns.

5.  Use Wood

Wooden furniture – be it bamboo or something darker and more antique – just screams tropics. It also provides a great contrast to the bright and colorful walls and decor that often comes with tropical decor.

Think about how good colorful decor and pallets will look on dark or light wood, as well as the combination with light, breezy fabrics on the walls that let sunlight in – now it’s all coming together.

Make sure that the patterns and styles of the furniture are all natural and simple, and don’t go for anything too intricate. Leave all those details for the fabrics, the paint, and the decor, but the furniture itself should be simple.

6.  Take Inspiration From the Sea

Sure, you’re supposed to take inspiration from sandy beaches and the coastal area, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking it a step further and going below the surface either.

Take some inspiration in your decor from underwater life, from the sea shells to the coral and the wildlife.

Think about paintings of underwater seascapes, decoration pieces that look like coral and seashells, and even an aquarium full of tropical fish if you can afford it.

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Anything that can bring the sea inside your living space is only going to complete your tropical theme in a way you didn’t even think possible.

7.  Keep Things Comfortable

You’re nothing on the beach if not comfortable, and the same goes for your home. Make sure that you keep comfort in mind and make your living space casual and fun. With low lying furniture that allows you to kick back and relax, sheets that feel light and comfortable in the summer heat, as well as some comfortable cushions to seal the deal in how casual your interior decor is.

In simple terms, it should be a place where you can kick back in flip flops, tank tops, and straw hats.

8.  Color Combinations to Try

You might be wondering what color combinations are okay for tropical decor, and if there’s any space for non-wood furniture in there. Well, there is.

Color combinations like

  • Pink, white, purple, dark green, and bright blue
  • Pastels in green, yellow, blue, purple, pink shades
  • Bright patterns in all kinds of colors against a sheer white curtains and fabrics on beige walls

Are all pretty much the norm when it comes to tropical decor.

9.  Opt Out of Color

You might be wondering why this is an option, especially when you just read a whole article full of advice about bringing the color into your home. Well, sometimes a tropical theme can just be about the wooden furniture, the beige walls, and a lot of large green plants with wide, open leaves.

One or two statement pieces that are both bright and about themes related to the ocean and the beaches in the summer is pretty much all you’ll need to make sure that your decor screams of the tropics.

They can be anything from paintings to vases that catch your attention as soon as you enter a room.

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