A Checklist For Faster Moving Process

One thing that makes moving stressful is when you own several items. It will be overwhelming to get all the stuff together, hence preparing a checklist can help. Since there are many factors that would impact your move, it is vital to plan ahead of time to reduce stress.

It is a wise decision to plan weeks before the move. Make sure to create a timeline when the expected moving date. Stick to what is on your checklist not to miss out on anything. So, below are the things you should do before, during, and after the move.

Checklist Before The Move

It is better to have a clear idea of the moving process before you begin. The best time to prepare would be eight weeks earlier for a more laid-back move.

1.Document Everything

Paperwork is also essential when moving out. It must contain all move-related stuff by simply listing down the items before doing anything else. Create a file to keep records of your moving process so that this way it will be easier to organize all things. Keep all the documents handy until the moving day for easier access.

2. Sort Items

Moving to a new place does not require bringing all your stuff. Learn to declutter items and only keep the things that you think are still valuable. Throw in proper places the stuff you want to dispose of. Some homeowners choose to donate items that are still durable for use.

A garage sale is another option to reduce your load. It allows you to earn money that you can use to cover up moving expenses.

3. Find a Reliable Moving Company

Moving companies may differ in their way of service, including the price. Doing thorough research will help you decide which one is best for you. Check online who are the most trusted movers and then weigh down your choices. A family or friend’s recommendation can be a good source of finding a moving company within your means.

4. Gather Moving Supplies

Most movers guarantee to help homeowners pack their belongings. They have the skills to pack various items properly. Thus, buying packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, boxes of any size, and tape is crucial to better secure your items during the move.

5. Settle All Necessary Records

This applies if you have children attending school. Sometimes moving to a new place means leaving the old lifestyle. The best thing to do is to transfer the kid to a new school. First, get copies of school records and any other documents concerning the kid. Second, search for nearby schools from your new house and ask about the enrollment process.

Additionally, medical records also matter when moving out. You should consult the family doctor to update your medical records before leaving.

6. Contact a Moving Company

After a thorough research of possible movers nearby, it is time to book your choice. This must be done not more than five weeks before the moving day. Share every detail to the mover, including the date and time of the move. It is to reassure that you will be moving on the targeted day.

7. Start Packing

Labeling the boxes helps to better organize your belongings. Begin with the non-essentials and separate valuable items, or you can transport the latter items with you. This stage of the moving process requires skill and patience to finish everything.

8. Notify People Around You

This includes the landlord in case you are renting a property to collect a security deposit, if there is any. It is also essential to call a utility service both for old and new houses to get everything fixed.

Changing address will require you to notify your banks too. And if you are covered with insurance, contact the agent to transfer any policy to avoid further problems. Asking for help from a car service is necessary in case of moving to distant places.

9. Food Consumption

Your food consumption must be part of the checklist not to waste anything during the move. Make sure to eat already opened goods before the moving date to be less hassle. Prepare a budget to buy food as you move out because there will not be enough time to cook some.

10. Clean the Old Property

It is important to leave the property clean to get it ready for the next homeowners. Inspect each part of the house in case of repair needs. Clear out the fridge and also the pantry.

11. Declare a Confirmation

Contact the mover one week before the moving day. There are cases of movers that forget some clients’ requests so it is important to confirm the move over again.

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On The Moving Day

Your presence matters as the movers work. Instruct them where the fragile items are to prevent possible damages when loading the items into the truck. It is also your job to verify whether all the items are in the good place before leaving the old property.

The movers will let you sign a document confirming that the move is successful. Always double-check what you are signing for a safer move.

Final Thoughts

Finding local furniture removalists in Perth will benefit your moving day. If there is one thing that is difficult to transport, it would be heavy furniture. They also require movers to be extra careful as a few mistakes of packing and transfer may ruin the item. Moreover, it is crucial to go on with the above checklist before the move to guarantee success.

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