20+ Gorgeous Bathroom Counter Decor Ideas to Copy

Your countertop can be a convenient space to put some storage stations. It’s a nice spot to store bathroom essentials that you can grab quickly whenever you need to use them.

Bathroom Counter Decor
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However, it’s a way better idea to also use some storage stations that can help to give a more decorative touch to your bathroom’s overall look at the same time. The vanity is the main focal point of the room, anyway, so you have to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Check out some bathroom counter decor ideas that will totally inspire you below!

Bathroom Counter Decor Ideas

Simple Textured Decor

Bathroom Counter Decor 1
Source: @marthawairimu47

A tray made of thick jute works as a storage station to keep a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and cute succulents. The tray gives a natural texture that complements the wood countertop in a very beautiful way. It’s such a nice inspiration for you who have a countertop with quite limited space.

Sleek Tiered Rack

Bathroom Counter Decor 2
Source: @hayakhan200197

A sleek rack in rectangular consists of three levels is enough to keep a lot of bathroom stuff starting from hand towels to toilet paper rolls. You can even see a white rectangular tray improves the storage of the rack to keep some bottles. The combination of wood trays and gold metal frame of the rack gives a glamorous warm touch to the sink area with an exposed concrete look.

Gorgeously Convenient Storage

Bathroom Counter Decor 3
Source: camillestyles.com/

An open white tray with a clean-lined style handles some clear canisters to store some cotton. Those elements create a gorgeously bright overall look that you can really try easily. To give a more decorative touch, a bamboo-styled vase with beautiful flowers is placed on the corner of the tray.

Bird Cage Storage

Bathroom Counter Decor 4
Source: @introsona

Of course, the main focal point of this bathroom counter decor is the birdcage shelf. The shelf works to keep perfume bottles in various sizes and shapes, jars of skincare, and an aromatherapy candle. Some clean-lined transparent containers with gold trims enhance the storage and beauty of the counter area very well.

Mirrored Lazy Susan

Bathroom Counter Decor 5
Source: @thehooks123

Instead of using a classic Lazy Susan, this bathroom uses a stunning one with mirrored trays and a silver frame. The storage station gives a sparkling touch which is great for a bathroom with limited space since the mirror reflects light around. You can have a centered storage station to store a lot of bathroom stuff in various sizes.

Chic White Look

Bathroom Counter Decor 6
Source: ebay.com

For those who have an all-white bathroom, this idea is the one that you should add to your top list. A free-standing rack in medium size comes with an all-white finish which matches the color of the sink area beautifully. To even make it look more admirable, the bottles, tissue holder, and planter in white are stored on the shelf.

Stylish Complete Storage

Bathroom Counter Decor 7
Source: theskinnyconfidential.com

An open round container is placed on the countertop which is spacious enough to keep tons of skincare products. In addition to the round container, some floating shelves in white are installed which add more storage stations around the sink area. It’s a very space-saving idea that you can try easily at home.

Stylish Earthy Set

Bathroom Counter Decor 8
Source: wattpad.com

A set consisting of a tray, dispenser, toothbrush holder, covered container, and bar soap holder in earthy design looks so tempting to have. The design combines a wood look and a white finish which fits you who want to add a more natural texture and pattern to your bathroom decor. Also, it works well to complement a bathroom with an Asian theme.

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Chic Pedestal Tray

Bathroom Counter Decor 9
Source: greenwithdecor.com

This idea shows an easy way to decorate a corner of your sink area. A round tray with a pedestal design is used to store an aromatherapy candle, a clear blue glass vase with white flowers, and a round planter in white with succulents. You can also put some bathroom stuff underneath the tray which makes it fit for you who have a bathroom counter with limited space.

Gorgeous Nautical Decor

Bathroom Counter Decor 10
Source: @prettychelley05

Are you planning to give your bathroom some nautical touches? Well, this idea is a very good reference to getting the job in a very effortless way. Some cylinder and round glasses are filled with synthetic sand in turquoise, fake starfishes, and white candles which are enough to bring the beach nuance to the room. Of course, you can create this decor item all by yourself at home without costing you a lot.

Simple Glass Tray

Bathroom Counter Decor 11
Source: @immm21

A very simple bathroom counter decor for you who are looking for a very effortless option. A glass tray in an oval design works to handle some glasses to store various kinds of cotton and skincare. Behind the tray, a clear glass vase with pretty flowers completes the decor.

Stunning Shiny Look

Bathroom Counter Decor 12
Source: @immm21

The silver containers decorate a square tray with a mirrored effect which creates a shining decor item that will never fail to beautify your bathroom. To give a more decorative touch, an orchid in a black round planter is added to the tray. It’s a very inspiring decor to decorate an all-white minimalist bathroom.

Galvanized Tiered Tray

Bathroom Counter Decor 13
Source: potterybarn.com

This gorgeous galvanized tiered tray gives a farmhouse touch to the decor of this bathroom in an instant. Each level works to keep various bathroom stuff like hand towels, bar soap, cotton, indoor plants, and decor items. The rustic finish of the tray looks strikingly beautiful inside the bathroom with an all-white overall look.

Decorative Silver Tray

Bathroom Counter Decor 14
Source: @viverdeflores

Here, a rectangular tray with ornate is placed close to the sink which is a good inspiration for you who have a small counter area. The tray is enough to handle some perfume, hand soap, a candle, and even an indoor plant. The gorgeous design of the tray also enhances the beauty of the counter area.

Elegant Bold Style

Bathroom Counter Decor 15
Source: @denisehana

For you who prefer to give your counter a more masculine vibe, this idea shows a nice reference to copy. An aromatherapy candle inside a black can, a black cylinder vase, and a black dispenser decorate a sleek black tray with a futuristic design. Those elements give a bold statement to this bathroom with neutral nuance.

Simple Center Decor

Bathroom Counter Decor 17
Source: @orjenise

Do you have a vanity with double sinks at home? This idea shows an easy way to decorate the space between the sinks so it doesn’t look too boring. The decor simply consists of a small rectangular marble tray with a similar-looking rectangular tray. A bouquet of dry plants and hand soap are stored in the tray.

Minimalist White Decor

Bathroom Counter Decor 18
Source: @homethaynakarolayne

Another idea that is great to beautifully complement your all-white vanity. Here, a square tray with a geometric container, dispenser, aromatherapy, and vase decorate it. The design of those pieces works really well to complete the decor of a modern minimalist bathroom.

Pretty Glamorous Look

Bathroom Counter Decor 19
Source: @thesimplyclassyblog

A round rotating tray in gold with a round diamond accent is the main storage station of this bathroom counter. It also comes with a mirror base which even makes it look more sparkling. The perfumes and makeup with gorgeous packaging are stored in the tray which gives a more decorative touch at the same time,

Even though the tray is quite full, it still fits a slim cylinder vase in white with beautiful pink flowers.

White Marble Tray

Bathroom Counter Decor 20
Source: iheartorganizaing.com

This white marble tray with gold handles decorates a sleek vanity with a plain white countertop. If you are handy enough, you can actually create a similar style all by yourself at home by using simple materials.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Rectangular marble tile in white
  • Brass handles
  • Acrylic sheet
  • Felt pads
  • Fiber washers

Those materials are cheap and easily available and the steps that you need to do are so simple. You surely have to add this idea to your list of bathroom DIY projects.

Modern Rustic Decor

Bathroom Counter Decor 21
Source: katelavie.com

A wood tray in hexagonal style gives a nice earthy tone and texture to an all-white vanity. The combination of a natural finish and the hexagonal shape of the tray makes it a good option to decorate a minimalist bathroom. You can use the tray for your small countertop, for sure.

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So those are some beautiful bathroom counter decor ideas that you can use as ultimate references. They don’t only work to improve the storage inside your bathroom but also give a more decorative touch all around.

You just have to choose the one that really suits your needs and taste. Also, keep in mind to harmonize the decor of your countertop with the overall look of the bathroom itself. You can’t have a counter decor that doesn’t properly complement the existing decor of the room, for sure.

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