Bathroom Marble Ideas for Luxurious Effect

Decorating a personal space like a bathroom is always fun because it’s a space where you can fill it up with your idea and imagination. Some people also say that a bathroom is a place where they get inspiration from often. Therefore, no wonder that many homeowners want to make their bathroom feels and looks as magical as possible.

Some homeowners may prefer to make a simple bathroom because they don’t want to put much stuff inside. However, not many people use marble to decorate their bathroom because they may think that a bathroom does not really need a luxurious touch. While in fact, a bathroom is one of the core parts of the house where you start your daily activity or simply just for chilling after a rough day. Marble, whether black or white, creates a different feeling that will also affect your mood.

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For a more detailed and closer look of the marble bathroom ideas, we’ve collected some of the inspiration below!

Best Bathroom Marble Ideas

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Breathtaking Bathroom

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Breathtaking Bathroom

Who doesn’t like to stay in a bathroom that is filled with marble that look like this? The combination of white marble flooring and black marble for the bathtub deck creates a breathtaking view. This idea is suitable for people who like to use both black and white marble. If the marble feels too bold, adding a sleek sink, vanity or storage will help to balance it.

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Outstanding Black Marble

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Outstanding Black Marble

This idea will suit people who like bold and solid color like black but still want to get a luxurious look. Choosing black marble gives a strong vibe but the gold ornament from the towel bar tones it down. Just like this idea, the black marble is used for the shower and installed in the middle which makes it looks more standout.

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Simply Gorgeous Bathroom

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Simply Gorgeous Bathroom

This bathroom is mostly dominated by marble from the floor, wall, and partition wall. You can use this reference to create a gorgeous look especially if the bathroom is next to the clear glass window. It’s because natural lighting enhances the sleek pattern and texture of the marble.

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bathroom marble ideas 4


bathroom marble ideas 5


bathroom marble ideas 6


bathroom marble ideas 7


bathroom marble ideas 8


bathroom marble ideas 9

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Keep scrolling for more astonishing marle bathroom ideas!

bathroom marble ideas 10


bathroom marble ideas 11


bathroom marble ideas 12


bathroom marble ideas 13


bathroom marble ideas 14

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bathroom marble ideas 16


bathroom marble ideas 17


bathroom marble ideas 18


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Those are some fabulous bathroom ideas with marble touch to give more luxury feel to your personal area. Adding marble touch to your bathroom will surely make it looks breathtaking. Of course, you don’t have to use it for the whole room. Even just a simple little touch on it will still make your bathroom looks fabulous.

Since white and black are neutral colors, you can also modify and combine them with other colors to soften or give more color. So, grab your tools and start putting that jaw-dropping marble into your own kitchen now!

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