Stylish Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Make Eye-Catching Statements

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

There are various decor items that you can choose and use to decorate your bathroom. From the wall decor like paintings, useful storage like vanity and shelves, and also a mirror. Well, adding a mirror in a bathroom is not something that looks odd or bad because it can be considered a useful feature.

A mirror works indeed as it is but it can also be the focal point that looks standout in a bathroom. Just like other decor items, a mirror comes in various styles and shapes that you can choose based on your needs. From a classic mirror to a modern frameless style.

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It may look nothing big but it’s a good item to add. So, we have prepared some bathroom mirror ideas that you can use as your reference.

Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Simple Frameless Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Simple Frameless Mirror

If you have a spacious bathroom, a big mirror can be a good choice to make the bathroom looks wider. A three-pieces large frameless mirror matches well with the white wall and black vanity. A frameless mirror looks definitely stunning that creates an elegant look.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Simple Rustic Frame

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Simple Rustic Frame

Not having a big mirror is not a big deal because you can create a unique one instead. This mirror is framed in a unique way with wood material that gives a rustic feeling. The frame itself is also useful to put some small decor items and potted plants.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Modern Contemporary Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Modern Contemporary Bathroom

For people who want to bring a modern vibe to the bathroom, this framed mirror can be a good reference. Yes, it’s pretty simple and minimalist and that’s the charm. To enhance the modern look, even more, add shaded sconces right above the mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Functional Mirror Shelf

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Functional Mirror Shelf

Optimizing every single corner of the bathroom is really important because you can get both decor points and storage. This idea is useful for a small bathroom so it’s more functional. You can get this style by either make it by yourself or find it at the furniture store.

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas 5


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 6


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 7


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 8


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 9

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Below we still have some aesthetically pleasing bathroom mirror ideas just for you, so make sure to check them all!

Bathroom Mirror Ideas 10


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 11


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 12


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 13


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 14

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas 15


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 16


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 17


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 18


Bathroom Mirror Ideas 19

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So, those are bathroom mirror ideas that you can consider to add to your bathroom. Of course, you have to measure the size because you don’t want to make your bathroom is filled with a mirror only. It’s because you also need space for shelves or storage.

We hope that this list can help you to choose a perfect mirror style that suits your taste and needs.

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