20+ Inspiring Functional Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Have to Steal

Every room in a house has each characteristic or items that can’t be left and must exist inside, this includes a bathroom. One of the important items that you need in the bathroom is vanity. A bathroom vanity is simply storage to keep the towels, toiletries, and other stuff so your bathroom will stay neat.

Moreover, a bathroom vanity will also become the main focal point of the bathroom. Therefore, you have to choose the one that looks as attractive as possible. In addition, you would also need to choose the one that matches the decorating style.

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To give you some inspirations, we have prepared dozens of bathroom vanity ideas that you can use to update your current vanity or install one if you don’t have yet.

Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Chic Black Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Chic Black Vanity

This black vanity looks chic and stunning among the all-white bathroom. This kind of vanity is suitable for people who love and have a modern bathroom. The sleek and stylish vibe in this bathroom gives a neat look. The matte black wooden vanity is more than enough to put more stuff and decoration.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Moden Rustic Farmhouse

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Moden Rustic Farmhouse

This neat, sleek, and modern farmhouse vanity look so lovely and warming. The captivating look that suits really well with the neutral surroundings. A simple rustic vanity with a clean-cut and natural light shade becomes more attractive with a marble countertop and a single modern sink.

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Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Stunning Vintage Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Stunning Vintage Vanity

The combination of modern and vintage touch is showing from the marble flooring and vintage wooden vanity. The vanity with some drawers suits perfectly with the modern vibe in this bathroom. It’s probably because wood is the most neutral element that suits any decor style and other materials.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Stylish Industrial Style

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Stylish Industrial Style

The industrial decor style is the style that lets you explore the raw materials. Just like this idea, a few materials look uncovered raw from the wooden vanity, timber faucets, and the pendant’s strings.

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For more inspiring bathroom vanity ideas, just keep scrolling down to see more of them below!

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bathroom vanity ideas 12

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Well, those are some bathroom vanity ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference to keep your bathroom updated. A bathroom vanity is indeed very helpful not only for decoration purposes to beautify the area but also as additional storage. If you want to get a rustic look, you might want to use a wooden vanity.

Just choose the best bathroom vanity idea that suits your taste and current decora style and start installing a new vanity now!

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