Freshly Looking Wooden Bathroom Ideas for Calming Effect

There are some interior elements and materials that are not everyone’s cup of tea because it may create the room looks stuffy instead of pretty or make it looks messy instead of organized. Therefore, it is quite tricky to choose the right element or material to use in a room. Of course, every homeowner would like to make their rooms become the best place to stay and spend their time peacefully. From the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen will be styled based on their preference. Again, back to the right choice of the element and material to choose, not all material can be applied to any interior design.

A bathroom that is mostly one of the most used corners in a house also holds an important role for the homeowners because, for some people, a bathroom is that place that is not only for showering but also for refreshing and relieving their stress. Therefore, other than the bedroom, they also want to make their bathroom as cozy as possible.

However, there is one of the best elements that can be added to the interior and combined with any interior style, simple classic or modern. This element is wood and adding it to a room will make it feels softer and warmer. As one of the feng shui elements, wood, and other earthy colors will not only give the room the soft touch but also affect the mood of the people inside.

Here we have compiled some of the bathrooms with wood element ideas for your inspirations!

Best Bathroom Wood Ideas

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Decorative Item

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Decorative Item

There are various ways to add the wooden element to the bathroom either it’s the entirely or just for a certain part of the room. Of course, it will still look pretty, especially if they are placed beautifully and organized. This idea shows that even just a simple usage of wood on the wall and the shelf under the sink still make the bathroom look mesmerizing and it can be a decorative item that gives color and texture to balance the all-white concept.

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Put In Adequate Amount

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Put In Adequate Amount

Well, no wonder there is saying the simpler the better because as shown in this picture, the use of wooden material on the bottom part of the wall next to bathtub still make a beautiful combination with the white tiles. If you would like to give more detail for the wooden element, applying it to the side of the bathtub will also be the best option you might want to consider.

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Explore It!

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Explore It!

Wood material may be one of the best options when it comes to the neutral material that can be mixed with any other materials with any styles. This idea shows that the soft color from the wood and its streamlines beautify the bathroom that is dominated with white and marble. To give a more decorative touch to the bathroom, especially if it’s a master bathroom, where you are the one who will use it, adding simple decor items like scented candles, a favorite painting or even your favorite small figurines will make the bathroom looks more fun.

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Style It!

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Style It!

As you may have known, wooden material suits with any interior design so you can combine it with your favorite design. The wooden wall and ceiling combined with beige concrete make the bathroom looks rather elegant. To enhance the ambiance, even more, adding lighting on the top between the ceiling and the concrete would be a great option. Also, placing green plantations inside will also help to give more color and fresh vibe.

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Distracting? Why Not!

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Distracting? Why Not!

For people who love to put obvious and extra details, this idea is perfectly designed for you! Instead of applying the wooden element as they are and feel it’s too bland, choosing the bold streamlines with hexagonal shape would be a great move. Sure, this kind of design is not everyone’s taste because some people may feel it’s too distracting and too ‘loud’ for the bathroom. However, this idea will not only make your bathroom looks unique but also make people who come in awe.

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Make It Eye-Catching!

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Make It Eye-Catching!

As one of the best corners of the home, no wonder many people say that a bathroom is the best place to get calm, relax, and also inspiration. That’s why make it as comfortable as possible is the best choice to consider. Instead of the concrete flooring, making a wooden pallet under the bathtub and the showering part make it looks more eye-catching especially when it has good lighting.

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Enhance It!

Bathroom Wood Ideas: Enhance It!

Exploring wooden element will never end and the result will never fail you. This idea may be useful for people who like to use wood on a certain spot and let other spots stay with the main or initial concept. A concrete wall that is combined with wooden flooring and the wooden element on the other walls complete each other. The gray concrete looks exceptionally great with the wood material, and moreover, the soft lighting under the wooden shelf enhance the look.

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So, those are some of the wooden bathroom ideas that we have picked just for you. As you can see, the wood element can definitely blend well with any material and any concept. It doesn’t ruin the main concept but it rocks the style even more.

As one of the best neutral colors, the brown color from wood elements can easily blend with other furniture colors in the room so you don’t need to worry about mix and match it. Not only color, but wooden element also matches well with other material like metal, stainless, glass, marble, concrete and others.

Well, of course, it’s up to you to style them up based on your personal taste; you can use it as much as possible, make it as the main element and also decor item, place it anywhere you want or other methods.

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