Functional Bedroom Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Comfort Space

Bedroom Storage Ideas

We know that a bedroom is a personal spot for its owner to enjoy their free time and rest after a tiring day. Each homeowner has their own style on how to decorate their bedrooms but most people will probably agree that a messy room will only make it more difficult to find a specific item. Therefore, having enough storage in a bedroom is very important to make everything neat and organized.

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We’ve prepared ten inspirations for bedroom storage that might inspire you to get one yourself.

Best Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Chic Exposed Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas 1

When the current drawer is full and no more space to buy a new one, exposing some clothes by making a floating hanger can be a good idea. On the bottom, you can use a rack to store shoes or other stuff.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Functional Modern Closet

Bedroom Storage Ideas 2

This kind of storage can be found in a furniture store or even a customized work. One feature can be very functional by dividing it into some sections for tops, dresses, coats, shoes, bags, and accessories.

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Bedroom Storage Ideas: Creative Hidden Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas 3

This idea is quite creative because the makeup stall is designed as if it’s inside the close which allows you to hide. It allows you to save more space instead of having a bulky makeup stand in a different spot.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Useful Bed Platform

Bedroom Storage Ideas 4

Well, this one is probably the most familiar way to keep bedroom stuff organized. For people who choose to use a bed platform, it would be best to get the one that has a storage function on the bottom.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Chic Book Corner

Bedroom Storage Ideas 5

For those who love reading, books are their treasure but if the bedroom is small and narrow, it’s quite tricky to buy a bulky bookshelf. Instead, you can try making or purchasing this kind of shelf.

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Bedroom Storage Ideas: Minimalist Cloth Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas 6

Just like the first idea, this storage type also has a concept that exposes the clothes but it becomes more ‘secret’ since it has a curtain. For additional storage, you can also use some boxes or baskets.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Simple Wall Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas 7

If you have children and want a feature to organize their books, this hanging wall racket can be a good choice. Instead of using wooden storage, this material is easier to install and safer for kids.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Minimalist Hanging Hanger

Bedroom Storage Ideas 8

If your bedroom has no more space for a new drawer or shelf, you can consider making a hanging clothes organizer. Please make sure that it’s sturdy enough to support the whole outfit.

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Bedroom Storage Ideas: Neat Clothes Exhibition

Bedroom Storage Ideas 9

Here’s another idea of exposing your clothes with a hanging organizer that is installed on the wall. On the top part, add wood planks to put organizer box, basket, or just simply decor items.

Bedroom Storage Ideas: Lovely Walk-In Closet

Bedroom Storage Ideas 10

Even it’s quite narrow, this walk-in closet looks lovely and useful. The closet consists of various spots for every kind of outfit and accessories.

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Those are some bedroom storage ideas that you can use as a reference to make your stuff becomes more organized and neater. Check your bedroom and get yourself nice storage now!

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