Fabulous Big Swimming Pool Ideas for Double Joyful Activities

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A water feature indeed a great addition to make your home looks more attractive. Adding a water feature can be a great feature that doesn’t only make the backyard looks beautiful but also can be a free calming and relaxing therapy that calms your mind. The sound of a water stream is one of the best calming sounds that help you relieve stress.

A swimming pool is probably the most preferred water feature that many homeowners choose to beautify their houses. Well, building a swimming pool is a good consideration because it can be a decorative item and also an attractive focal point that attracts people.

Either a small or big swimming pool has its own charm that will affect the final atmosphere of the house. A smaller pool feels more like casual, relax, and suits those who love simplicity. A bigger one will probably suit people who like to create a bigger place to double up the fun of the aquatic activities.

A bigger pool also suits people who like to fill up their backyard or indoor area with something that they can use every time or just simply to freshen their minds. A big swimming pool is a great consideration if you want to get double fun and joyful moments either for yourself or people you love.

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Below we have collected tons of awesome big swimming pool ideas just for you!

Best Big Swimming Pool Ideas

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Longer and Wider Are Better

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Longer and Wider Are Better

This idea suits you who have a large and wide space and want to spend it for a swimming pool only. A long and wide swimming pool that crosses under the bridge looks really stunning, To enhance the elegance, you can also play with the lighting around it. Another important note that you might want to consider is the use of the color of tiles since it will reflect the color of the lighting and also help to create the effect.

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Build A Multi-Function Spot

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Build A Multi-Function Spot

This captivating rocky pool looks really fresh and gives a natural vibe that goes well with the backyard atmosphere. To add more fun spot in the pool, you can create a bar by placing some seating areas inside the pool and use a flatter part as the table. This idea lets you enjoy everything in a fresh condition, from water, air, scenery, drink, and meals.

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Dreamy Swimming Pool

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Dreamy Swimming Pool

This idea doesn’t only look pleasing but also feel warm because of the choice of the material that is used in this area. From the concrete flooring that also dominates the pool area. To freshen up the area more, some trees or plantations would be a great decision. It doesn’t look too flashy or ‘loud’ with minimalist materials but it does look more elegant.

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Freshly Looking Pool Area

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Freshly Looking Pool Area

Enjoying the fresh breeze while listening to the relaxing water sound is the great combination you will ever get. Create your own healing space that cures your stress or just simply to enjoy your valuable free time. Setting a comfortable seating area near the pool with an umbrella can be a great option to create a cozy nuance. Also, to add more captivating points, adding some small and simple fountains on the side will be good as well.

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Create Your Own Beach

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Create Your Own Beach

If you have a spacious backyard and want to fill it up with a big swimming pool, this idea might be a great one for you. You can make your own beach area by making the entrance in beach entry design. Instead of placing many decor items, you might want to build it as simple as possible to create a more natural finish look. Choosing the right tiles’ color will also affect the color of the water that you want to achieve.

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Earthy Look

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Earthy Look

An earthy color like beige can be a good choice if you want to create a simple and warmer look to the pool area. The contrast of the color from beige and blue look balanced which complete each other. A simple long and rectangular pool may look too old-fashion for some people but this shape will never get old and still has its enthusiast as long as you decorate it beautifully.

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Fresh and Natural Pool

Big Swimming Pool Ideas: Fresh and Natural Pool

Building a swimming pool in the backyard that has a lot of plantations will complete the natural look. A beige floor gives color to the greenish backyard that is dominated by green plants and the swimming pool itself.

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Just keep scrolling to get more gorgeous big swimming pool ideas to stun you more!

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Those are some inspiring big swimming pool ideas that can make your home looks more attractive. As one of the most preferred water features, a swimming pool indeed is a great addition to consider when you want to glow your home or backyard up.

A big swimming pool is a great choice if you have a spacious backyard. Having a big swimming pool can also be one of the most attractive spots that will make people turn their heads. Well, a big swimming pool takes indeed a lot of space but it will worth the double joyful you will get.

If you like simplicity, then a simple long, slim, and rectangular pool suit you better. However, if you like something that looks extraordinary or unique, you can decorate the pool itself or place some unique materials to make it shines more.

So, all you need to do is choosing your favorite idea of the big swimming pool and start applying i to your house to create a big dreamy swimming pool!

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