Cozy Boho Kitchen Ideas You Have to See

A kitchen existence is just as important as other parts of the house. As the hub of the house, a kitchen also needs your attention to make it looks stunning and outstanding. Choosing and decorating a kitchen with a certain concept will affect the atmosphere of the kitchen itself.

Making a kitchen looks inviting and feel cozy at the same time will be everyone’s purpose when they decorate it. Therefore, choosing a concept for a kitchen is just as important as other rooms. If you like something more simple and neat finish look, you can choose an all-white color. Those who love mixing modern and classic style, the vintage or industrial style will suit you.

One of the most preferred interior designs that create a simple and fresh look is a Bohemian or boho design. A boho style is a style that combines patterns, vibrant colors, and textures. Of course, you can still have white as the basic color but add some decorative items like colorful tiles on the wall or for the backsplash, colorful rug, and others.

This design will suit people who want to make their kitchen stand out and looks dazzling with the ‘loud’ decoration items. Well, we can say that this idea can be achieved quite easily because you don’t need to add luxurious or glamorous items.

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Below we have compiled some inspiring boho kitchen ideas just for you!

Best Boho Kitchen Ideas

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Pure Looking Kitchen

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Pure Looking Kitchen

Having white as the basic color of a room is literally a big blessing because you can always put any decor items in any colors and it will still look good. The pure white and open wooden shelves match well with the patterned rug. To give a more fresh look, you can place some greeneries.

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Make A Loud Point

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Make A Loud Point

Make the pattern and texture look stand out by showing them directly and don’t be shy about them. Combine some layers with textured and various patterned rugs to achieve the design. Another good detail that you might want to consider is by using wooden materials to balance the patterned items.

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Make It Bright

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Make It Bright

One of the most important points that you need to remember is the use of the right color. If patterned or textured items feel too loud, then choosing the right color will be helpful. Terracotta, orange, or other vibrant colors will be a great option to use. To add a more patterned touch, using tiles for the backsplash is also a good move

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Mix Them All

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Mix Them All

If you love various vibrant colors, this idea might suit your taste by combining some colors from various piece of pieces of furniture and decor items. You can use patterned tiles for the backsplash that match the green cabinets and also the floating shelf. To soften the green atmosphere, you can use black and white tiles for the floor.

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Use A Fabric Instead

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Use A Fabric Instead

This idea shows that you can combine several of your favorite things in one place. This idea looks quite a combination of industrial style from the metal elements, rustic from the wooden material, and of course, the boho style from the patterned fabric and backsplash. If you feel it’s too ‘heavy’ by placing a rug, you can replace it with a simple fabric instead.

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Boho Kitchen Ideas: Combine Some Styles

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Combine Some Styles

The exposed bricks with unfinished design give that industrial design that is also quite trending when it comes to the modern interior design. The wooden open floating shelves and cabinets radiate a rustic design. Meanwhile, the boho concept is coming from the tiles and circle rug.

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Create A Bold Move

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Create A Bold Move

Having an all-white color that dominates the kitchen can be a big blessing since you can put any decoration in any color. If you want to make it looks literally eye-catching, you can put all the patterned furniture inside or just make a new one. The patterned refrigerator and newspaper-patterned cabinets will definitely make the kitchen look eye-catching to people who visit over. To complete the boho style, add a Moroccan patterned rug.

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Create A Contrast Spot

boho kitchen ideas 8

Using a different color for a different room can be a beautiful distinctive point to differentiate the look and vibe of each room. As shown in this idea, the color between a living room and kitchen is different, though they have the same pastel shade. While the living room had pastel peachy coral, the kitchen looks somehow fresh with the sky blue and of course, the patterned rug with the same color shade.

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Calming Earthy Kitchen

Boho Kitchen Ideas: Calming Earthy Kitchen

The best color that gives a calming and relaxing effect is earthy colors like brown or beige. Combining white and brown are the best combination that will never disappoint you. A simple patterned rug will also help to achieve the boho design in your kitchen.

boho kitchen ideas 10

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boho kitchen ideas 11


boho kitchen ideas 12


boho kitchen ideas 13


boho kitchen ideas 14


boho kitchen ideas 15


boho kitchen ideas 16


boho kitchen ideas 17

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boho kitchen ideas 19


boho kitchen ideas 20


boho kitchen ideas 21


boho kitchen ideas 22


boho kitchen ideas 23


boho kitchen ideas 24


boho kitchen ideas 25

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Well, those are some beautifully designed boho kitchen ideas that really makes the kitchen shines more. As you can see from the examples, some of them only use a simple patterned rug to achieve the boho style. You don’t need to make a complicated move by changing the tiles if you don’t want to.

Boho style indeed is a gorgeous concept because you can explore and mix many colors, patterns, and textures to put in one place. It also creates a cozy effect which will make you or the coming guest feel comfortable by staying for a long time.

So, have you decided which boho kitchen ideas that you like? Just choose the one that you like and start adding some boho touch to your beloved kitchen now!

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