15+ Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas | DIY Projects

With some cheap materials and simple steps, you can create some wonderful Christmas table centerpieces. There’s no need to prepare an extra budget to decorate your dining or living room to welcome the festive season.

Here, we have compiled some inspiring cheap Christmas table centerpiece ideas that you can create all by yourself at home!

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece

Cute Christmas Candles

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 1
Source: smartschoolhouse.com

As you can see, this beautiful Christmas table centerpiece is made of clear wine glasses, Christmas toys, red ribbons, red candles, and faux greeneries. This is surely a nice inspiration when you have some Christmas toys which are no longer your kids’ favorites.

Sparkling Mason Jars

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 2
Source: @rachaelcunnick

A very cheap Christmas table centerpiece that you can make out of easily-available materials which include a clear mason jar, battery-operated string light, twine, and faux white rose bouquet. Besides beautifying your dining table this festive season, this decor item will also work as an additional lighting source around the room.

Snowy Mason Jars

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 3
Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

This project also uses mason jars as its main material. Here, you will need the glass mason jars in various sizes and cover them with faux snow. Once you got them covered, decorate the jars with twines and greeneries. You will have a very chic Christmas table centerpiece that doesn’t cost a lot of money, time, or energy at all.

Rustic Farmhouse Candles

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 4
Source: @garconne

It’s always a great idea to give your dining table some farmhouse touches and this idea is a good reference for you. The candles are wrapped with greeneries and twines which look so gorgeous. Then, the candles are placed on the wood board with a metal accent and some greeneries are scattered around attractively.

Minimalist Earthy Decor

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 5
Source: @cathiberry

If you have some square plastic containers with a transparent look, you can refer to this idea to create a stylish Christmas table centerpiece. You just have to simply fill the container with clear fake gravel, cranberries, and greeneries. They will give a colorful and refreshing nuance to the decor of your beloved dining room.

Fresh Candle Holders

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 6
Source: @laceylacey52

Placing candles on your dining table on Christmas eve is always a good idea. In this project, you will need easily-available and cheap materials to get the job done.

Prepare these materials:

  • Clear glass mason jars
  • Small tea light candles
  • Greeneries
  • Cranberries
  • Twines
  • Pinecones
  • Doily paper
  • Clean water

Follow these steps:

  • Fill the mason jars with clear water, greeneries, and cranberries. Make sure that the greeneries are completely submerged and the cranberries float (choose the riped ones).
  • Wrap the neck of the mason jars with twines
  • Place a tea-light candle on the water.
  • Place the decorated mason jars on doily papers and place some pinecones on them.

Catchy Lighten Centerpiece

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 7
Source: @emmamakesblog.wordpress.com

Those ornament balls are not only good to decorate your Christmas tree, but you can also use them to beautify your dining table. In this idea, some beautiful red ornament balls fill a clear glass cylinder container. To make it look more attractive, a battery-operated string light in a snowflake shape completes the centerpiece.

Rustic Earthy Decor

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 8
Source: jennaburger.com

You can create this gorgeous Christmas table centerpiece from some natural things around you. The project requires a wood log, cranberries, and greeneries as the main materials. If you are familiar with woodworking, you can turn the log into a candle holder. Place them on the burlap and place some ornament balls to decorate the centerpiece.

Elegant Bold Decor

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 9
Source: kassandradekoning.com

If those colorful Christmas table centerpieces don’t really suit your artistic taste, this idea should be the one that you add to your top list. A black table runner is placed on the center of the table then pedestal candles and ornament balls in a similar color complete the decor. To add more colors and textures, some greeneries and pinecones are chosen.

Gorgeous Earthy Centerpiece

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 10
Source: apieceofrainbow.com

A beautiful Christmas table centerpiece is made of natural materials like pinecones, birch, and greeneries. What is interesting about the project is those white pinecones that you can create easily in no time. To hold everything together, you will need a rustic wood tray or board.

Snowy Candle Holder

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 11
Source: craftsbyamanda.com

Grab some clear mason jars, pinecones, candles, doily paper, and fake snow to create this Christmas centerpiece at home in no time. The snowy style of the decor item will give a bright touch to your dining table and everyone will surely adore it.

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Chic Earthy Centerpiece

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 12
Source: comepiaceate.it

Terracotta pots are brought to the dining table in this idea which creates a unique Christmas centerpiece. Some greeneries and tiny cranberries are placed in the pots and candles are planted. The metal crate then keeps the candle holder pots altogether which doesn’t only provide safety but also enhances the rustic touch very well.

Rocky Candle Holder

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 13
Source: @ashlaurkurz

This is a cost-free Christmas table centerpiece since you just need to simply collect some rocks and prepare some clear mason jars.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Place the rocks on the bottom of the jars and fill half of them with clean water.
  • Once you’re done, float a tea-light candle in each jar.
  • To make the jars look way more attractive, wrap the neck of the jars with twines.
  • If you have some round logs, place the candle holders on them.

Farmhouse Christmas Bouquet

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 14
Source: apieceofrainbow.com

The materials to create this beautiful table centerpiece are so cheap and easily available. You will need to prepare a can, burlap ribbon, twines, pinecones, and some greeneries.

Here’s what you can do to get the project done:

  • Wrap the can with burlap ribbon and twine.
  • Fill the can with sand.
  • Arrange the greeneries and pinecones so you can have a proper bouquet arrangement.

It’s surely an easy way that you can refer to when you are planning to decorate your dining table with a Christmas-themed bouquet.

Stunning Earthy Decor

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 15
Source: @sofabucreations

This Christmas, you can’t just place your faux flowers on the vase as they are. This idea shows an easy way to make a flower centerpiece looks more Christmas. The clear vases are filled with pinecones to bring a more festive vibe around.

Elegant Rustic Centerpiece

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 16
Source: ppalletandpantry.com

Some faux small Christmas trees with a snowy effect are planted on the black plastic planters here. Then, those planted trees are placed on the wood board and decorated with pinecones which makes it look more attractive. It’s a nice inspiration when you want to give a more farmhouse touch to your dining table.

Gorgeous Fresh Centerpiece

Cheap Christmas Table Centerpiece 17
Source: blueribbonkitchen.blogspot.com

This decor item doesn’t only enhance the beautify your dining table but also gives a refreshing vibe around the room. You just have to fill a clear mason jar, fill it with water, float ripped cranberries, and put white roses in the jar. It’s a very cheap Christmas table centerpiece that you can get done in no time.

Streaming Christmas Balls

This project shows a cheap tutorial to create a superbly distinctive Christmas centerpiece out of ornament balls. The coming guests will think that you spent a lot to have this stunning decor item when all you need to prepare are some dollar store stuff!

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For further reference, we shared with you some tips to choose the right Christmas table centerpiece below.

How to Choose the Right Christmas Table Centerpiece

  • Determine the scale – When it comes to scaling, the thing that you need to put attention to is the balance of the size of the centerpiece and the dining table. You can start by learning the width and length of the table and then determine how much space you need to provide for the centerpiece.
  • Learn the shape – The shape of the centerpiece should complement the shape of the table. This is actually the common mistake that a lot of homeowners do where they just a centerpiece that they like without considering the shape of the table.
  • Measure the height – Another thing that is often missed is the height of the centerpiece. Table centerpieces with proper height should allow the guests to see each other across the table while enjoying the meals. It should be below the below head level of the guests.
  • Check the scheme – As the name suggests, your table centerpiece will become an element of the room that draws a lot of attention. That being said. it’s important for you to choose that one that harmonizes the color schemes of the decor. The one that clashes with the setting will totally ruin the vibe.
  • Refer to the meals – It may not really sound significant to the decor of the room, but referring to the meals that you are planning to serve to choose the right table centerpiece is totally worth considering. Learn how you’d like to serve the meals to the guests and bring them to the decor of the table.

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