15+ Easy Christmas Candle Ideas for Ultimate Reference

You can’t really have a perfect Christmas decoration without any existence of candles. They are so important to brighten and warm up the nuance at the same time.

Of course, you can’t place the candle as it is since it sounds so boring. It’s definitely a great idea to make it look more attractive with some decorating process.

Below, we share with you some inspiring Christmas candle ideas that you can create all by yourself at home. There’s no need to prepare an extra budget since the materials are so cheap and easily available!

Easy Christmas Candle Ideas

Pretty Chic Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 1
Source: livinglavidaholoka.com

This Christmas candle comes with a combination of pink and white in a striped look which makes it fit well for you who want to add a more feminine touch to your decor. The scent that is used is peppermint which will create a very soothing nuance in your living room. You can easily create one all by yourself at home.

Elegant Glittery Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 2
Source: alittletipsy.com

A sparkling candle holder which is made of a clear glass mason jar, glitter, ribbon, and paper snowflake. You can use a mason jar that you haven’t used in a long time. Of course, the cost to create this beautiful Christmas candle is so low and you can get the job done in no time.

Alternatively, you can also buy manufactured jar candles and cover them with some glitter.

Festive Snowy Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 3
Source: caligirlinasouthernworld.com

In this idea, you will need to cover some glass mason jars with a combination of fake snow and Epsom salt. To make the snowy jars look more attractive, faux Christmas greeneries and ribbons decorate their necks. Those materials create a snowy effect that will complement your Christmas decor very well.

Cute Holiday Candles

Christmas Candle Ideas 4
Source: confessionsofahomeschooler.com

Do you have some holiday-themed mugs that have been sitting in the back of your cabinet since nobody wants to really use them? This idea can be a good reference to turn them into cute Christmas candles. The candles even come with some fake marshmallows made of soy wax which makes them look so appetizingly cute!

Chic Colorful Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 5
Source: hellonest.co

The elegant shades are combined in this Christmas candle which will enhance the attractiveness of your decor stylishly. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to create perfect shades by properly adding the amount of crayon in the making process. For sure, you can always use any essential oil that perfectly suits your taste.

Aromatic Earthy Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 6
Source: ouroilyhouse.com

If those catchy colorful candles are not really what you are looking for, then this idea should be on your top list. The main materials that you need to prepare to include:

  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Candle wicks
  • Essential oils
  • Glass mason jars

Those materials are easily available in the nearby home care or craft store. There’s no complicated step involved in this project, so you can finish the candles all by yourself at home.

Fresh Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 16
Source: aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com

This idea is perfect if you are looking for a last-minute candle holder since the material is available around you and the steps are so effortless.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Wrap the glass mason jar with Buffalo plaid ribbon or fabric and secure it with twine.
  • Fill the jar with clean water.
  • Put the floating candle and light it up.

See? The candle is so easy to make and the kids can even help to get the job done!

Cute Pretty Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 8
Source: thismamaloves.com

Instead of using mason jars, this idea uses a cute glass tea cup to hold the candle. The use of the proper amount of red crayon makes the candle look so pretty in pink. Here, you will need to mix apple pie seasoning, apple essential oil, and cinnamon which will release a very sweet scent around. Of course, this candle is perfect to give a more feminine touch to your Christmas decor.

Vintage Holiday Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 9
Source: hollygrace.ca

You will need some clear vases and pedestal-style candle holders to create the main structure of this gorgeous Christmas candles. To give a festive touch to the candles, some white vinyl are cut into the shape of pine forests with deer. The design of the candle holders will brighten up the decor of your living room without spending a lot.

Beautiful Quoted Candles

Christmas Candle Ideas 10
Source: karacreates.com

Some cute ceramic cups in white are used to handle some candles in this idea which is so worth adding to the list of your Christmas candle ideas. The bowls come with inspiring quotes which will catch all the coming guests’ attention. You can add some bowls to the decor for a festive vibe.

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Chic Cappucino Candle

Christmas Candle Ideas 11
Source: makecalmlovely.com

Another Christmas candle is inspired by a beverage and this one resembles the look of a cup of cappuccino. You will need to grab some materials as below:

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Ground coffee
  • Candle wicks
  • Small glass jars

If you already have the jars and ground coffee in your kitchen, all you need to buy is the soy wax flakes. Therefore, you will not spend a lot at all!

Rustic Christmas Candles

Christmas Candle Ideas 12
Source: lilyardor.com

As you can see, you will simply need to wrap some pillar candles with greeneries and twines, then you can have gorgeous Christmas candles to decorate your coffee table. if you want to make the candles look more attractive, you can put them on a wooden tray and place some faux cranberries around them.

Fresh Colorful Candles

Christmas Candle Ideas 13
Source: lilyardor.com

This idea also shows how to use floating candles which is so inspiring to copy. The steps are so easy since you just need to fill a clear glass mason jar with clean water, greeneries, cranberries, and a floating candle. The combination of the materials creates colorful Christmas candles with a fresh look.

Chic Natural Candles

Christmas Candle Ideas 14
Source: poshpennies.com

A very effortless Christmas inspiration that you shouldn’t miss to add to your list of Christmas candle ideas. Here, you will need to simply prepare some clear glass bottles, wither greeneries, and taper candles. You can get the job done in no time without spending a lot.

Catchy Earthy Candles

Source: dusty-reykjavik.blogspot.com

In this creative project, the planters in a monochrome look with catchy patterns are used to hold some white taper candles. Some greeneries and natural pinecones even complete the decor which makes it look more attractive in a very natural way.

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How to choose the right Christmas candles

There are tons of tempting Christmas candle ideas that you may find in the market and it can be confusing to choose the one that suits your need and taste. Check out some tips on how to choose the right Christmas candle for further reference below.

Learn the scent

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind is the scent of the candle since it would determine the mood that you will get inside the room. The main scents that you may find are either to create soothing or seductive nuance. For soothing nuance, the earthy smells like the ocean, forest, or wood are the best options while the seductive nuance can be created by lighting up floral scents like jasmine, rose, or orchid.

These are some popular Christmas candles scent that you might want to add to your wishlist:

  • Coffee Christmas candles
  • Jasmine candles
  • Vanilla Coconut scented candles
  • Sandalwood candles
  • Vanilla rose-scented candles
  • Cotton scent candles

Check the packaging 

You may find some candles are packaged in one set which contains more than one piece. A package can have 2 to 5 candles, so check it before you buy. Always refer to how many candles you actually need.

Determine the materials 

In general, Christmas candles are either made of mineral or vegetable waxes. Mineral waxes are good for you who prioritize scents while vegetable waxes offer longer burning time.

In addition to the materials that build the candle, check the wicks as well. As you may have been aware, the large wicks produce a big flame and the smaller ones produce a smaller flame. The experts recommend wood wicks as they can create an effective flame.

How to make your Christmas candles last

There are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make your Christmas candles last, such as:

  • Consider burning the candles for around two hours at the first use to melt the top layer of the wax. This will let you have the proper burning on the next use.
  • When you have used the candles, place them in the refrigerator for a few hours before you use them again. It will harden the wax so you can have a longer burning.
  • Trim the wick a little bit after each use to reduce the size of the flame in the next use which, automatically, allows you to enjoy the candle longer.

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