15+ Easy Closet Organization Ideas for Convenience Access

It can be quite challenging to organize your closet, especially if you have tons of items to keep. There’s a huge chance that your closet will look like a complete mess if you don’t properly organize everything.

That’s why we share with you some inspiring closet organization Ideas that you can copy without costing you a lot. They can surely become an ultimate reference to get a nice-looking closet with very convenient access.

Closet Organization Ideas

Chic Icy Blue

Closet Organization Ideas 1
Source: bdesignr.com

This idea is a good inspiration for you who are planning to decorate your closet with unisex nuance. Mint blue cubbies, shoe storage, and drawers decorate the closet which looks so beautiful. They pop soft but bright colors around the room with a grey overall look.

Simple Harmonious Look

Closet Organization Ideas 2
Source: buyma.com

If you prefer to have a closet with a more uniform nuance, then this idea should be added to your top inspiration list. The wall of the room is painted grey and the storage stations in the same color complement it. The decor relies on the colors of the clothes, shoes, and accessories to give a more decorative touch which is an effortless way to copy.

Striking Feminine Vibe

Closet Organization Ideas 3
Source: kijashi.com

This closet may look like the usual one but the feminine tones around the area style it up beautifully. A stunning magenta curtain works to protect the closet while some feminine clothes, shoes, and accessories are stored neatly. Of course, this is a very effortless way for you who want to have a closet with a superb girly ambiance.

Stylish Earthy Touch

Closet Organization Ideas 4
Source: realsimple.com

An all-white nuance is always a good option to beautify your closet. The look works really well to brighten up the area effortlessly. To give a more attractive touch, some square rattan baskets complete the closet which also provides more storage stations to keep some accessories. It’s a nice inspiration to organize your tiny closet in a very stylish way.

Warm Neutral Look

Closet Organization Ideas 5
Source: society19.com

The grey hanging cubbies and shoe racks decorate this small closet with an earthy overall look. Their neutral tones look striking around the warm vibe of the closet. Those cubbies are large enough to handle some folded sweaters so you don’t have to worry about the limited space of the closet.

Further, a large basket covered with thick ropes improves the storage of the closet and beautifies the area as well.

Simple Smal Design

Closet Organization Ideas 6
Source: abeautifulmess.com

Organizing a small closet as simply as possible is never a bad idea and this inspiration can be a good reference. The closet is painted white and the additional storage stations also come in a similar color. The square baskets, shoe shelves, and even the hangers in white complete the closet harmoniously.

Colorful Girly Nuance

Closet Organization Ideas 7
Source: organizingforsix.blogspot.com

Another inspiring closet organization ideas with a girly overall look to add to your inspiration list. This one is decorated in a more colorful way with those pink and purple drawers as the main storage addition. The closet itself is painted pink which makes it fit your beloved girl’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Simple Natural Decor

Closet Organization Ideas 8
Source: wattpad.com

Though this closet is very tiny, it looks so enchanting with its natural nuance. The white wallpaper with green botanical patterns covers the walls of the area which gives earthy decorative touch. Uniquely, faux ivory decorates the shelf to complement the wallpaper.

The storage stations are painted white to avoid the room to feel overwhelming.

Rustic Country Look

Closet Organization Ideas 9
Source: gabbymcgraw.com

Are you into Bohemian clothes? This easy closet organization ideas is the one that you can copy right away. Some floating shelves made of thick wood work to handle some folded clothes, shoes, and accessories which give beautiful rustic around the area. Thanks to the white walls which ease the tension created by tons of earthy elements inside.

Minimalist Open Layout

Closet Organization Ideas 10
Source: aliciafashionista.com

This closet with an open-concept design looks so elegant even with its minimalist style. The spacious drawers in a clean-lined design also come in white to keep everything harmonious. On top of the sleek floating shelf, twin rectangular baskets covered with thick ropes add a more decorative touch and also provide additional storage to store your personal items.

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Simple Fresh Vibe

Closet Organization Ideas 15
Source: @julianasae

You don’t have to think much to beautify your all-white closet. This closet organization ideas shows a nice inspiration to copy. The closet itself comes with convenient storage stations which include drawers, a tall cupboard, floating shelves, and cubbies. Then, some beautiful indoor plants are placed on the shelves which add a more refreshing vibe around.

Catchy Lighten Closet

Closet Organization Ideas 11
Source: @Vibesswithelli

Are you looking for a fun DIY project? This idea is a good option for you to try! This is actually a simple white closet but the string lights decorate it which makes it look way more sophisticated. The light can help you to check your stuff even when the room is not really that bright.

Simple Industrial Decor

Closet Organization Ideas 12
Source: culturacolectiva.com

This open closet looks mesmerizing with the use of pipes to hang the clothes. The pipes are finished in brass tone which gives a stylish industrial touch to the area in a very effortless way. For sure, this easy closet organization is a good reference to decorate your bedroom uniquely without costing a lot of money, time, and energy.

Sophisticated Minimalist Design

Closet Organization Ideas 13
Source: digsdigs.com

It’s always a great idea to add an additional lighting source around the closet area. Here, the light is installed under the shelves so you don’t really see the fixture itself. There’s no need to use expensive lighting fixtures here, you can simply use LED strips that you stick under the shelf to have a similar closet in your beloved bedroom.

Elegant Masculine Decor

Closet Organization Ideas 14
Source: archzine.net

Those easy closet organization ideas with a bright white overall look may not really suit your need and this inspiration can be your favorite. Black is the main color of the area which makes it look boldly elegant. The wall is colorized in grey to neutralize the vibe but doesn’t overly brighten up the overall look.

Decorative Small Closet

Closet Organization Ideas 16
Source: @belindaleebrown

In this idea, a floating wood shelf with a black pipe work as a small closet which is enough to store your favorites. You can hang the clothes on the pipe and display some decor items on top of the shelf. Next to the closet, some hooks are attached to the wall to neatly organize your hats.

Gorgeous Rustic Vibe

Closet Organization Ideas 17
Source: wattpad.com

The wood dressers and floating shelf in a natural finish give a beautiful rustic touch to this small closet with all-white nuance. To complement them, the flooring is also designed in a similar style.

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How to Deep Clean Your Closet

Grab these supplies:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash or donation bag

Follow the steps below:

Declutter everything quickly

First, let’s ensure that each item inside your closet is where it belongs and check that all the clothes are clean for you to organize.

Take them out

Next, you have to empty the closet by taking everything out of it. You might be surprised to know how many things you actually have.

Group the items

Once everything is out of the closet, group the clothes based on two categories, the ones that you want to keep and get rid of. If you find it quite challenging to divide the items into those categories, you might want to create another category to compile the items due to their sensitivity. Put the items that put you in doubt in that category and check again after a few weeks or months to determine whether you still want them or not.

Clean up the closet

Now the closet is totally empty and it’s the chance to thoroughly clean it. Here’s what you can do:

  • Grab a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe every inch of the closet which includes the shelves, cabinets, and drawers.
  • Sweep the flooring to remove loose debris and dust.
  • Mop the floor to finish the step.

Organize the hanger

Now, it’s time to put the items back in and start with the hanging clothes. Make sure that you only hang the clothes that you regularly wear or your favorites. Here’s what you can do:

  • Ensure that you properly hang the clothes and they face the same direction.
  • Put the items that you’d wear longer on the left for easy access.
  • Another categorization to consider is to group the items by type, style, and color.

Organize the drawers

Once you are sure that your favorites are hung properly, it’s time to deal with shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Here’s what you can do:

  • For the clothes that you’d like to fold, try to use the file folding method in which you can store them in drawers which will save a lot of space around.
  • Group the accessories by type for easy access.

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