Blinding Colorful Bedroom Ideas You Will Love Immediately

We’re probably familiar with soft pastel, classic, and basic color for a bedroom since it creates a calm and relaxing vibe. However, it’s not impossible to play with some bright and vibrant colors to paint or decorate your bedroom because why not? It’s not like the bright colorful concept is only for children because as long as you love the finished look, then everything is good to go.

Using bright colors for a bedroom can be one of the ways to boost your mood and even give you inspiration. If you want to get something colorful and calming at the same time, you can use pastel colors like sage green, blush pink, blush blue, and other soft or muted shades.

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If you love a colorful bedroom to lift your mood, we have some colorful bedroom ideas so keep scrolling down!

Best Colorful Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Soft and Pattern

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 1

Well, let’s start with the softest color that is not too bold for you who are afraid of using a single bright shade. Just like this idea, the bedroom is filled with light gray for accents then add some textures and patterns from other decor items.

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Bright Boho Decor

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 2

When it comes to colorful decor, the boho concept is the guidebook with some vibrant colors and bold patterns that complete each other. The navy blue backdrop and yellow rug may look clashed but natural light helps to unite them beautifully.

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Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Chic Sage Green

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 3

Pastel colors will never fail to make any room looks sweet and calming. As you can see from this picture, the combination of sage green and light orange creates a stunning look without giving a ‘too’ much feel. It gives a fresh look from the light orange yet calming effect from pastel green.

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Feminine Bold Room

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 4

This bedroom is a perfect inspiration for people who love patterns, textures, and color play in one place. The two-tone wall will be the first thing you will notice then the patterned area rug along with the bed cover. Of course, a colorful look can be achieved from wall decors.

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Muted Shades

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 5

Here is another idea that uses pastel or muted colors to create an elegant look. The white indeed plays a big role but the other colors and a washed rug with subtle patterns bring a sweet addition to the room. To bring more decorative focal points, use an area rug with Moroccan patterns.

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Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Stunning Bedroom Nuance

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 6

The combination of patterns and colors can look balanced as long as they have a good proportion and distribution. Combining orange, green teal, and a patterned rug will look stunning with the help of white surroundings and natural light.

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Warm Earthy Terracotta

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 7

Another color scheme that will make your bedroom feels warmer is earthy tones like this terracotta and slightly light orange on the headboard. A simple gallery wall then adds a lovely look to this room and brings a more decorative finish.

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Outstanding Vintage Vibe

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 8

Decorations and painted furniture in a bright and vibrant color will bring your memory lane back to the vintage era. Of course, the all-white surroundings are the biggest advantage that helps these colors and patterns go well together.

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Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Unique Color Combination

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 9

This idea suits people who want to bring both bold and sweet accents to the room. The navy blue backdrop looks striking yet a pink bed frame brings a feminine touch. Also, the green bed cover and plant decor add more freshness.

Colorful Bedroom Ideas: Fresh Yellow Shade

Colorful Bedroom Ideas 10

Bring the tropical atmosphere to your bedroom with this fresh combination of yellow and burned orange. First of all, the bright yellow bed frame absolutely looks fresh. To freshen the look and simple decorations, bring some indoor plants for a few spots.

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Those are ten colorful ideas for your bedroom that will brighten your resting space and hopefully lift your mood. There’s nothing wrong with using bright and colorful shades for your bathroom, especially if you love them. Now, choose your favorite idea and start repainting your whole bedroom!

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