25+ Inspiring Elegant Dark Bathroom Ideas to Steal

Many homeowners tend to choose basic neutral colors to colorize their home due to the popularity of the minimalist decorating style. They work really well to make a room look so stylish with a cozy vibe in a very simple way. Besides soft grey or white, the bolder and darker shades also get many attentions.

However, using a dark color to decorate a room is indeed not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all homeowners feel confident to use a dark color for their home because it may look gloomy and yes, dark. Many people will mostly choose a brighter color to make the room looks bright, captivating and elegant. Well, this rule can be applied to the main home itself like the exterior like the fence, wall, living room, and kitchen.

How about the personal area like a bathroom? A bathroom, one of the most important parts of the house, is one of the corners that contains your personal taste as it’s your personal place. It’s never wrong to choose a dark color to colorize your bathroom because dark color can also create an elegant vibe as long as it’s used and decorated accordingly. Since black is a neutral color, you can combine it with other colors from the furniture that will make the bathroom shines even more.

Again, coloring a personal space depends on each preference, so, whether you want to color it with all dark overall look or combine it with other colors, it’s up to you. Of course, the dark color here is not only referred to black but also colors like navy or deep gray.

For you who have a plan to update the look of your master bathroom or even the guest’s, we have picked some enchanting dark bathroom ideas!

Best Dark Bathroom Ideas

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Put Eye-Cathing Element

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Put Eye-Cathing Element

Black is that color that will never get old and will never fail you to create elegant and minimalist vibe to any room, includes a bathroom. The combination of patterned black walls that you can get from wood, tile or marble with the black flooring tile looks exceptionally breathtaking. To add warmer color, placing a wooden element inside will balance the all-black overall look and being an eye-catching item.

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Stay In The Middle

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Stay In The Middle

Gray is the best choice if black or navy is too bold to use in a bathroom and you are not confident to do so. Deep or dark gray will be the best option since this color is also considered as dark but still not too bright like white. Gray also quite neutral that you can easily combine it with other colors from the decor item or any appliance. Instead of using black for the walls, you can replace it with the floor and still combine it with gray.

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Explore It!

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Explore It!

Combining one element with another is always fun and exciting as you can see and experience it yourself which element that goes well with a certain material. Black stone or tile will definitely match well with other materials because of its color. This idea shows that you can combine the black material with wooden to add warmth to the bathroom. The wooden element may look bright but it’s not that bright so instead of distracting it softens the look.

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Keep It Minimalist

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Keep It Minimalist

The minimalist interior design will always have its place in everyone’s heart when it comes to simplicity and creating comfortable nuance. The white bathtub and the background soften the black walls and deep gray ceiling which makes the look is not only simple but also elegant. This idea may suit people who like a minimalist concept and apply it to their bathroom.

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Luxuriously Dark

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Luxuriously Dark

Well, making a luxurious concept for a bathroom is not only achieved by white color, crystal, and glass. Black is also one of the best colors that can create that luxurious vibe, just make sure to add some golden material or decor item to complete the ambiance like a vanity mirror, towel holder or the shower. The deep gray marble flooring, bathtub and also the black walls complete each other with the soft lighting and wooden material on the other side.

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Mix and Match It!

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Mix and Match It!

There will be no end of mix-matching material and color for your personal space. Trying different material with different color may quite challenging and risky jut in case they don’t match at all. However, this idea shows that 2 different materials and 3 different colors blend really well. The black marble walls, wooden flooring, and white bathtub plus a metal touch may be useful for people who wonder what material and color to combine to make an elegant looking bathroom.

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Explore Your Idea

Dark Bathroom Ideas: Explore Your Idea

A wooden material will mostly blend well with any dark color which is shown in this picture as well. Replacing black tile or marble for the wall with wooden material will give a warmer vibe and balance the black color from the floor and bathtub. If you have a bathroom that is facing directly to the window, the amount of natural light you will need to make your bathroom stands out is definitely limitless. Of course, adding decorative lighting on the ceiling enhances the look more.

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So those are the best dark bathroom ideas that we have picked just for you. The dark shades are definitely the good options that you can use as the main color of the bathroom, especially for you who want to have the one with a contemporary or minimalist style.

Though it can be quite difficult to decorate a bathroom with a dark color, those ideas show you the way that you can apply easily. You can always style it up with a basic neutral color to balance and brighten up the bathroom. Of course, these ideas are not only for master bathroom but also for the guest bathroom to give that unforgettable look for the guests who are coming over.

Now, just pick one dark bathroom ideas and start decorating your beloved bathroom!

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