Bold Dark Bedroom Ideas You Might Want to Try

A bedroom is basically a spot where you can refresh and charge your energy after all tiring day. It means that you have to make it feel super comfortable. Other than choosing a concept and furniture to use, choosing a certain color for a bedroom is also important.

Choosing bright, light and pastel colors are common so it’s not weird at all. However, the question is, how about using dark colors for a bedroom? Well, for some people they may want to think twice or thrice before using it.

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To give you some inspirations, we have prepared tons of dark bedroom ideas that you can use as your reference if you want to get a bold bedroom look.

Best Dark Bedroom Ideas

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Bold and Elegant

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Bold and Elegant

Black is dominating the room from the wallpaper, bed frame to furniture. In order to make the room looks less bold and dark, it can be combined with gray and white so it looks a little bit brighter. As we can see that the floor itself is brown-ish or beige that can also be an element to keep it balanced.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Dark Bedroom

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Dark Bedroom

This kind of idea is probably one of the concepts that many people use when trying to apply a darker shade. Instead of painting the entire bedroom with black, use it only on a certain side. In this idea, the matte black is used as the background behind the headboard. To brighten it up, place some decor items like wall decor or paintings in a brighter color.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Create Focal Point

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Create Focal Point

Having a dark bedroom can be very tricky when it comes to decorations because we have to choose the one that can balance it. One of the ways to use is finding a soft, brighter or warmer shade. This gold lighting fixture is a good choice to create a focal point that can attract attention from the dark wall.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Masculine Dark Navy

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Masculine Dark Navy

Dark blue or we often call it as navy is one of the bold colors that give elegance to any room. It can be an optional choice to use instead of black. The wall, ceiling, and bed frame are covered with a dark shade but the fluffy rug and curtain make it looks slightly better.

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Dark Bedroom Ideas 5


Dark Bedroom Ideas 6


Dark Bedroom Ideas 7


Dark Bedroom Ideas 8


Dark Bedroom Ideas 9

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No worries, we still have some ideas left below so just keep scrolling!

Dark Bedroom Ideas 10


Dark Bedroom Ideas 11


Dark Bedroom Ideas 12


Dark Bedroom Ideas 13


Dark Bedroom Ideas 14

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Dark Bedroom Ideas 15


Dark Bedroom Ideas 16


Dark Bedroom Ideas 17


Dark Bedroom Ideas 18


Dark Bedroom Ideas 19

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Choosing a dark color for a bedroom may not everyone’s taste because some people may feel better with a brighter shade. Add dark colors to your wish list, explore it, and get ready to get a mesmerizing bedroom

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