Decorating Your Kid’s Room on A Budget

Decorating rooms with your children can be a great bonding experience for the family. Whether you actively engage your children in the decision-making process or just give them a paintbrush and a toy hammer while you go about the design process; at the end of the day, you will feel closer to your children. In this article we will discuss things that you can do to bring your child’s room to life in a minimum budget.

Paint the furniture, not the walls!

We’re not telling you to completely abandon the walls but rather refrain from using wallpaper or dark colors as it subtly constricts open and creative thinking. Go for a soft and light color on the walls and take your artistic impressions out on the furniture instead! Bookshelves, tables, and beds are a few of the items your child can directly interact with. Therefore, painting or otherwise decorating these pieces of furniture will solicit a better reaction from your child and will certainly make the place look like a kid’s bedroom rather than that of an adult. Forget traditional practice and embody the childish spirit!

A little DIY goes a long way

There are a ton different DIY crafts you can do to spice up the décor and ignite your child’s thinking process. Kids love to experiment and watching you turn an old hangar, a few meters of string, and a few broken CDs or washers into an adorable wind chime will definitely get their gears turning. YouTube is an excellent source for step-by-step DIY guides. Pick ones that are easy to replicate, don’t require advanced equipment, and use materials that can be sourced easily.

Install a floor length mirror

You may have noticed this already but kids are incredibly amused by their own reflection. However, regular portrait mirrors are often either perched high up or affixed onto a dressing table. Both places are out of a child’s reach. Alternatively, you could place a mirror lower on the wall but that would feel awkward and out of place. The best thing you can do is install a floor length mirror on the wall as it gives your child all the reflective space he/she needs and adds the perfect amount of elegance and character to the room. mirrors with no frames also have the added effect of opening up rooms and making them look bigger than they really are. This illusion of depth may also go on to enhance your child’s perception of space altogether. Furthermore, full-length mirrors allow your children to examine themselves from head to toe. They get to see the entirety of their Indiana Jones Halloween costume from the cowboy hat to the baby boots instead of just seeing it from the waist up. Even you can get in the frame and coordinate outfits with your children!

Make a collage of your child’s artwork

Children love having their art appreciated and creating a collage of their best works is the quintessential way of showing how much you care. Besides, a collage ALWAYS looks good regardless of the quality of the individual paintings used to make it. You could frame and put together a bunch of mere scribbles and it would still mean the world to both your children and the rest of your family. Just make sure to paste the collage on an empty section of the wall as we can’t have furniture or wall décor tramp over the artistic prowess of your children.

Coordinate your colors

A good way of implementing coherence in your design is to coordinate the wall color with other things in the room. One of the most popular items to synchronize your wall paint with are the bedsheets. Blue wall should be aligned with blue bed sheets.

Reserve space for toys and gifts

It is never fun to clean up after your kids leave toys lying around the room. Create a shelf or some form of storage and encourage your kids to store the toys safely away after they are done playing with them. You may not know this, but children are good organizers and routine tasks like these can both be fun and educational for them at the same time. Try practicing positive reinforcement. Whenever they successfully sort out and store their belongings appropriately, they are rewarded the next day. Keep the rewards random so your children are always excited to find out what it is.

Final Thoughts!

On a final note, it is important to remember that although it may seem like an ordinary room to you, to a child it is his/her own personal kingdom. Try to leave some parts of the room empty for your children to fill in themselves later on. Let them build a room they are proud of as they grow up. Let them hang their own posters and choose their own rugs. Once they are all grown up, they will appreciate the way you designed their room for them along with how you let them add their own tweaks to it. Happy Decorating!

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