15+ Easy DIY Christmas Paper Decor Projects on a Budget

Christmas is coming and it’s time for you to decorate your home with some festive ornaments. You can’t have a plain boring home without any decor items that enhance its attractiveness around.

DIY Christmas Paper Decor
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For sure, you can always buy some catchy decor items from the store since they are available everywhere. There are tons of products that are designed in various styles to match the overall look of your house.

However, some of them can be quite pricey and you may not be willing enough to spend that much to buy seasonal decor items. Remember, you will take off those Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other stuff when the festive season ends.

That being said, crafting your very own Christmas decor items sounds like a way more fun idea to consider. You can use easily-available materials which are so cheap to buy or the ones that you already have at home to create unique decor items.

Check out some DIY Christmas paper decor ideas that you can follow easily below!

DIY Christmas Paper Decor

Catchy Paper Trees

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 1
Source: dreamgreendiy.com

This dining table looks so attractive with cute paper Christmas trees as its centerpiece. All you need to prepare is some foldable papers with various patterns and draw triangles on their backs. The paper trees are then placed on the faux greeneries garland to create a more holiday vibe.

Of course, you can complete this project with your kids since it’s so easy and safe to make.

Cute Paper Deers

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 2
Source: easypeasyandfun.com

Adding these cute paper deers to your Christmas tree will give a unique cute touch in an instant. As you can see, the paper deers are made of brown construction paper and decorated with red pompoms and eye stickers (or just draw the eyes all by yourself). You just have to cut the paper into some strips and make a round shape out of the pieces.

You can either hang these cute paper deers on your Christmas tree or simply place them on the living room’s side table. It’s a very cheap project that you can get done in no time.

Chic Button Stars

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 3
Source: buggyandbuddy.com

Hanging stars on the decoration of your Christmas tree is never a bad idea and this project shows a more distinctive way to do so. Here, you will need brown cardboard to create the bigger star that will work as the base of the smaller star made of patterned paper. Further, some colorful buttons decorate the stars, giving a more attractive touch uniquely.

To hang the stars, you can use twines, yarns, or ribbons. Just make sure that it’s sturdy enough to hold the star.

Paper Bulb Garland

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 4
Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

If hanging string light is quite complicated for you, this project shows an alternative that is really worth trying. This one is a paper garland that is designed in bulb shapes to cheer up the decor of your living room this Christmas.

Get some colorful papers and shape them into cute bulbs then string the paper bulbs along the twine. If you are willing enough to put in more effort, you can also turn the garland into an advent calendar.

For sure, this paper bulb garland will become the main focal point of the room without costing you a lot.

Elegant Textured Ornaments

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 5b
Source: melanielissackinteriors.com

If those cute and catchy paper ornaments don’t suit your taste, then you need to add this project to your top list. The ornaments are made of colorful papers which are designed into various shapes. They will give elegant textures to the decor of your Christmas tree.

You can use your imagination to create your very own shapes to personalize your Christmas tree.

Lighten Paper Angels

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 6c
Source: dreamalittlebigger.com

Who knows that these beautiful angels are actually made of paper? Well, yes, construction paper is the main material to create these angels that you can easily try at home. To make it more mesmerizing gold and copper paints colorize the papers which instantly brings the style of the angles to a whole new level. Further, LED tealights then complete the decor items gorgeously.

Decorate your dining or coffee table with these light paper angels and you will have everyone amazed by the decor!

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Chic White Trees

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 7
Source: dovecottageblog.com

Some of you may not really go with those paper Christmas trees with catchy patterns and prefer the ones with a simpler look. These chic Christmas trees are made of white cardstock which looks simply beautiful. Of course. there’s no need to spend a lot of money and time to create these white-paper Christmas trees.

You can create a set of Christmas trees which include various sizes to decorate your dining table or coffee table.

Merry Christmas Garland

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 8
Source: blog.vickybarone.com

A Christmas decor will not be complete without a garland and you can copy this easy DIY Christmas Paper Decor right now at home. The main materials to create the garland are some scrapbook papers and alphabet stencils. The garland says ‘Merry Christmas’ which makes it enough to tell everyone that you are ready to welcome the festive season.

You can either hang the garland on the wall or on your Christmas trees. It surely will make the decor look more festive.

Beautiful Village Wreath

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 9
Source: sisterssuitcaseblog.com

This idea shows a very creative way to create a wreath for your Christmas decoration this year. Forget about those pine wreaths since you’re gonna make a wreath that is decorated with some homes made of colorful cardstock. You will need a large wood hoop that will work as the frame of the wreath then place the homes inside the hoop.

To make it look more Christmas, the green papers which resemble greeneries, and plaid ribbon complete the wreath stylishly.

Striking Pattern Wreath

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 10
Source: ribbonsandglue.com

Another inspiring project to create a unique wreath to add to your top list. As you can see, a lot of craft papers with various catchy patterns are the main material of the wreath which makes it look so enchanting. The mixture of patterns on this wreath doesn’t make it look messy at all.

Some pine cones even decorate the center of the wreath which gives a more natural rustic touch very well.

Cute Gingerbread House

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 11
Source: deliacreates.com

You can create your very own town with some cute gingerbread houses for your Christmas decoration. The house is made of brown cardstock which already resembles the color of gingerbread itself. The roof is made of white cardstock to give a snowy touch to the house’s overall look.

To complete the house, some paper Christmas ornaments, and pine trees beautify the decor. The website even offers free templates that you can download and print out!

Decorative White Trees

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 12
Source: smartschoolhouse.com

If you are looking for paper white Christmas trees with a more decorative touch, this idea is a nice inspiration to copy. You don’t need to use foldable papers here since the trees are made of stacked doily papers.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Cut the doily paper in a half and use glue gun to secure the folding inside until you get triangle-like shape. You can make as many folded doily papers as you wish by referring to how many trees you want to build.
  2. Plant a skewer in the styrofoam and poke the hole in the middle of the triangle.
  3. Stack the triangle papers on the skewer until you have a nice result!

Try to create more than one tree at different heights so you will have a set of gorgeous decor items to beautify your mantel or side table.

Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 13
Source: averageinspired.com

Are you looking for another unique garland? Well, this DIY Christmas Paper Decor is the one that you can’t skip! This project uses colorful Christmas trees made of colored cardstock, glittery stars, and strings as its main materials.

There’s no advanced crafting skill needed here, all you need to do is to stack the paper rings until you get cute Christmas tree shapes. Once done, you just have to hang the colorful trees on the twines. You can hang these catchy Christmas tree garlands on your porch or living room.

Beautiful Paper Wreath

DIY Christmas Paper Decor 14
Source: liagriffith.com

Adding a wreath made of greeneries (real or faux) is quite outdated, and this beautiful paper wreath is a great alternative to copy. The steps involve cutting the papers into holly leaves, pines, and berries then sticking those ornaments on the wreath frame. The recommended size of the frame is 8 inches and you need to wrap the frame with burlap for a more attractive look.

Colorful Christmas Trees

Do you want to give a more colorful touch to your Christmas decor effortlessly? These attractive Christmas trees will not fail to get the job done! Just simply grab colorful cardstock and build a Christmas tree with each color of the paper.

As you can see, the trees are designed in a spiky 3D style which will also give a gorgeous texture to the overall look of your Christmas decoration!

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