15+ Easy and Cheap DIY Patio Decor Ideas for Unique Look

Decorating your patio sounds like a fun plan to welcome the sunny season. This outdoor space is always a part of your house that you can use to do a lot of activities from relaxing afternoon tea to a superb outdoor party.

In this article, we share with you some clever DIY patio decor ideas that will totally inspire you. There’s no need to spend a lot of time, energy, and money to create one at home!

DIY Patio Decor Ideas

Wire Basket Table

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 1
Source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

Who knows that you can actually turn a trash bin into a decor item which also carries a convenient function? In this idea, you will need to prepare a wire basket and round wood panel. The wire basket is then spray-painted in blue to make it look more beautiful. Then, you just have to flip the basket upside down and attach the round wood panel to the bottom of the basket.

Rustic Framed Planter

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 2
Source: organizedclutter.net

Rustic will never fail to beautify your home whether its exterior or interior. This idea shows how to decorate your patio with a rustic decor item made of a wood frame in a distressed finish and galvanized basket. The basket is uniquely hung which makes it a catchy decor everyone will look at.

You can put any greeneries that you love on the bucket which gives a more colorful touch naturally.

Pallet Vertical Garden

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 3
Source: organizedclutter.ne

As you may have known, the wood pallet is everyone’s favorite when it comes to DIY projects. Here, the large pallet is used for the construction of a vertical garden. The pallet is hung with chains to ensure that it’s hung properly.

Then, some colorful plastic planters are attached to the wood pallet which gives a catchy touch. It’s surely a cheap way to decorate a patio with limited space that is worth trying.

Tiered Pallet Planter

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 4
Source: aproverbs31wife.com

This idea also uses wood pallets as the main material that you can’t skip adding to your list of DIY patio decor ideas. As you can see, you just have to make some pockets for the home of the planters along the length of the pallet. That being said, you will need some short plants for this kind of planter.

There’s no need to use other materials except the pallets which makes it a very inspiring project on a budget.

Modern Portable Firepit

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 5
Source: diy.dunnlumber.com

Do you want to install a fireplace but don’t really have enough space to do so? This idea shows you how to warm up the exterior area by adding a portable firepit that you can create all by yourself.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Concrete mix
  • Mold bowl
  • Mixing bowl
  • Fire glass
  • Lava rocks
  • Disposable grill topper

The steps involve some molding skills, so you should expect to get a bit dirty. You can place the firepit on the table of your patio which is enough to warm up your outdoor relaxing night.

Planter Gallon Base

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 6
Source: refreshrestyle.com

Do you have some clay pots with their saucer that you no longer use? Well, turn them into a dispenser stand just like this idea shows.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Spray paint the pot and saucer with any colors that you desire.
  2. If you want to get a more distressed look, you can use a sanding block.
  3. Stick the saucer to the bottom of the pot with super glue.
  4. Put the pot upside down.
  5. You have a stand that you can use to put the dispenser, Lazy Susan, and cake platter.

It’s a very inspiring idea that will cheer up your backyard party in a very affordable and effortless way.

Planter Outdoor Chandelier

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 7
Source: refreshrestyle.com

This one is another inspiring project that uses planters as its main materials. The pots are creatively turned into a striking chandelier that will beautify your patio in a very unique way. If you have a broken chandelier, then you are lucky enough but you can also find a frame of a chandelier in some online shops.

The planters and chandeliers are spray-painted to make them look way more attractive. You can decorate your patio with several planter chandeliers to get a distinctive festive overall look.

Convenient Outdoor Bar

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 8
Source: oursouthernhomesc.com

Of course, having an outdoor bar on your patio will instantly make it look and feel so inviting. In this idea, a door, wood board, and porch splinters become the main materials to build an outdoor bar that you can make all by yourself at home. The bar is able to handle some dispensers, bottles, glasses, and even some decor items.

The combination of those materials also makes it for you who love a farmhouse decorating style.

Farmhouse Wood Sign

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 9
Source: christinamariablog.com

Wood sign is always an easy decor item that you can bring to your outdoor space. Instead of buying one, you can create a wooden sign at home with some simple steps. This project shows how to make a wooden sign out of plywood, paint, and a sharpie paint pen. You just have to make sure that all the materials are durable enough to withstand the outdoor environment.

This is a very nice way to have a distinctive wood sign since you can personalize everything!

Lighten Vertical garden

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 10
Source: @penderie-bois

A vertical garden will always become a focal point once you add one to your outdoor living space. This idea also uses wood pallets to create a vertical garden. The construction of the vertical garden is finished in natural wood look which adds a chic rustic touch.

Further, some string light also completes the vertical garden, so you can enjoy it even when night comes.

Rustic Plants Station

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 17
Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

This idea shows how to create a centered plant station to beautify and freshen your patio. The materials that you need to prepare are some concrete blocks and wood planks. You just have to simply stack the materials until you get a rack construction that is safe enough to store some planters.

There’s no need to spend a lot to create this planters station and the steps are so easy to get done.

Floating Succulents Garden

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 11
Source: Kayla Austin

Succulents work for every part of your home whether it’s inside or outside. Instead of placing the succulents on the table or floor, this idea shows a very creative way to display them. A shelf made of wood planks with holes that fit the planters and durable thick yarn becomes a floating garden which is so inspiring to copy.

This floating succulent garden will instantly become a focal point that catches everyone’s attention.

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Wood Rock Bench

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 12
Source: linapalandet.blogspot.com

This idea shows a very easy way to build a bench out of stone blocks and a wooden board. The combination of the materials creates a natural rustic look, so the bench doesn’t only work as an additional seating area but also gives a more beautiful touch. You can also use the bench to store some planters.

With some simple steps, you can have a gorgeous and cozy piece of furniture to complete your beloved patio.

Rustic Ladder Storage

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 13
Source: Elena

Bring this earthy ladder to your patio to improve the storage and beauty of your patio. The ladder is made of small wood logs that you can secure with ropes. You can use the ladder to hang some planters with gorgeous flowers, small buckets, and other decor items.

Stacked Pallets Shelf

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 14
Source: natuerlich-dekorieren.de

You may not be really familiar with some woodworking steps which involve cutting, sanding, etc. No worries, this idea is a good option for you who are looking for an easier project since you simply have to stack some wood plates in different positions.

The stacked shelf then becomes a convenient shelf that is good to keep some planters and decor items. It’s a very effortless project that you should be on your top list of DIY patio decor ideas.

Fence Panel Planters

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 15
Source: Yelis

As time goes by, you may find that you need to replace your broken wood fence panel but just throw it away yet! This idea shows you how to use an old fence panel to become a floating planter holder. You may want to paint the fence to make it look more attractive.

It’s great to keep some small planters with succulents to decorate the wall of your patio.

Planter Accent Table

DIY Patio Decor Ideas 16
Source: Rona M. Williams

It turns out that you can use planters to create a lot of DIY decor items. Here, the planters become gorgeous accent tables to complete the furniture in your outdoor living space. The planters are painted white with round wood panels in a similar color.

Those tables are great to keep your cups while you are having a nice afternoon time and even hold some decor items.

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So those are some DIY patio decor ideas that you can use as ultimate references when you are planning to enhance the beauty and comfort around. Now, let’s choose the one that really suits your needs and taste!

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