15+ Creative DIY Pegboard Decor Ideas for a Chic Home

Are you looking for some DIY pegboard decor ideas? Well, we have compiled some ideas from creative DIYers for your ultimate reference below!

DIY Pegboard Decor Ideas

Pegboard Desk Organizers

DIY Pegboard Decor 1
Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Of course, we can’t skip talking about your personal workspace when it comes to DIY pegboard decor ideas. Here, a long pegboard in light pink lays against the wall which is enough to provide spacious storage stations for your office stuff. You can see colorful envelopes are attached to the board which doesn’t only work to keep some notes but also give a nice decorative touch at the same time.

Letter Sign Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Decor 2
Source: lovelyindeed.com

This idea shows you how to make a pegboard a storage station and a decor item at once. Well, actually, the main material that you need is not a board of pegboard but the one that has been cut into letters. You just need to screw the pegboard letters into thick plywood and then hang it on the wall.

You can have chic wall art and a convenient storage station to decorate your beloved home office.

Rotating Jewellery Display

DIY Pegboard Decor 3
Source: sugarbeecrafts.com

If you want to showcase your cute rings, necklaces, and bracelets, then this idea should be on your top list. You will need 4 pegboards in your desired sizes and build a three-dimensional construction. In addition to displaying your bejeweled items, you can also store things inside the construction by simply putting a lid on top of the construction.

Hanging Pegboard Planters

DIY Pegboard Decor 4
Source: brepurposed.com

It’s always a good idea to bring some indoor plants to your bedroom or living room. They will give a fresh nuance and natural decorative touch to the room in an instant.

In this idea, a white rectangular pegboard works to hold some indoor plants which makes it a great choice for you who have a minimalist living room with limited space. To hang the planters, you will need some leather straps.

Big Pegboard Storage

DIY Pegboard Decor 5
Source: aliceandlois.com

You may need the pegboard to store large items, and this idea can be a good reference to copy. As you can see, a large basket, planter, and medium-sized mirror are stored in the pegboard with the help of wood boards.

It’s surely an easier alternative when you are planning to install some floating shelves in your bedroom. You can choose a pegboard in a similar color as the wall to create a harmonious overall look.

Pegboard Candle Holder

DIY Pegboard Decor 6
Source: elizabethjoandesigns.com

Instead of using the pegboard as the storage station, this project shows how to turn the board into a gorgeous candle holder. You will need to cut the pegboard into some medium rectangular board and stick them together with wood glue to get three-dimensional construction. Of course, you also need a base to hold the candle.

The lights that spark from the candle will surely brighten up the room in a very exhilarating way.

Pegboard Condiment Shelf

DIY Pegboard Decor 7
Source: thehoneycombhome.com

Now, let’s visit the kitchen and add some unique storage made out of pegboard. A white pegboard is simply framed with a black wood frame which looks stylish. Then, you just have to simply add some hooks and spice jar holders to finish the project.

With some cheap materials and easy steps, you can have convenient storage to keep your recipes companion without taking any space on the countertop or inside the cabinets.

Pegboard Utensils Storage

DIY Pegboard Decor 8
Source: thedecorfix.com

Another inspiring project to improve the storage in the kitchen uses a pegboard for your ultimate reference. The hooks work to hold some small utensils that you can grab quickly while you are cooking. Some baskets are also added to keep some fresh ingredients like fruits and veggies. The fun doesn’t stop there, on top of the pegboard, a wood plank is also attached to store some mason jars.

This is a nice idea to add a centered storage station that can keep a lot of items altogether.

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Pretty Floral Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Decor 9
Source: craftandcreativity.com

In this idea, a pegboard is decorated with cross stitches in a rose pattern which instantly enhances its beauty. To make the pegboard more functional some hooks hold some pretty baskets, pencil holders, and paper rollers. Those elements complement the cross-stitch decoration in a very harmonious way.

It’s a very good inspiration for you who want to give a feminine touch to your bedroom or home office.

Chic Minimalist Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Decor 10
Source: fabricpaperglue.com

If you need a pegboard that can handle all of your stuff, consider installing a wall-to-ceiling pegboard just like this idea shows. A white pegboard is installed right in front of the desk which complements the color of the walls and desk. Those baskets, planters, and other decor items then give a bold touch stylishly.

With the right decorating step, a wall-to-ceiling pegboard in this bedroom doesn’t make the nuance around feel intimidating but, instead, becomes a chic and functional focal point.

Catchy Framed Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Decor 11
Source: bydawnnicole.com

A very pretty pegboard storage to add to your list of DIY pegboard decor ideas for you who want to add a feminine touch around. Here, the pegboard is painted light blue and decorated with a decorative frame in magenta. The color combination creates a chic decor item that will catch everyone’s attention and works as a convenient storage at the same time.

Those tiny buckets with attractive patterns even give a more decorative touch to the overall look of the storage.

Rustic Pegboard Panel

DIY Pegboard Decor 12
Source: manmadediy.com

Rustic touch will never fail to make your bedroom decor look way more beautiful. Here, a pegboard in the natural wood finish is hung to give a gorgeous rustic touch all around. Some wood planks with white surfaces become the main storage station to keep some clear glass jars, a pencil holder, and decor items.

It’s a nice inspiration to give a warmer touch to the room with a neutral overall look.

Elegant Rustic Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Decor 13
Source: gumtree.co.za

This is a nice idea to decorate a bedroom or home office with a masculine decorating style. You can create a similar storage station by using a black pegboard and wood frame. The combination of black and wood tones makes the storage look elegantly earthy.

If you have a bedroom with an all-white overall look, this is a good reference to beautify and improve the storage of the room.

Rustic Pegboard Planter

DIY Pegboard Decor 14
Source: Birdy Nam

Do you want to bring various kinds of indoor plants but don’t really have space inside the room? Well, you can’t skip adding this idea to your reference list. Some wood planks are attached to the pegboard in a natural wood finish which is enough to keep a lot of plants at once.

The plants in various design from jute to terracotta even makes the overall look of the pegboard look more enchanting.

Modern Free-standing Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Decor 15
Source: roomie.jp

Those ideas with floating or laying style may not really suit your needs and taste, but no worries, this idea offers a more creative option. Here, a medium-sized pegboard in black is attached to a base which allows it to stand freely. Some plastic baskets, hooks, and an open shelf complete the pegboard which is enough to keep some essentials.

You can place this clever pegboard storage on the cabinet in your mudroom.

Round Pegboard Storage

DIY Pegboard Decor 16
Source: @denisegesuatto

This idea shows a creative way to use a round pegboard which can be a nice alternative when those rectangular pegboards are not really what you want. They are good to keep some glass jars, a pencil holder, and a cute planter. Those additions complement the natural finish of the round pegboard beautifully.

For those who have a bedroom with limited space, you can refer to this idea to improve the storage inside.

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Things to consider when choosing a pegboard

Now, you may have decided on an idea that you want to bring to your own bedroom or living room. Before you go buying a pegboard, check out some things that you need to keep in mind to get the right one below.

  • Materials – The durability and look of the pegboard are mainly determined by the materials that build it. If you really want the one with great durability, a pegboard made of metal. The one which is made of wood or composite materials is another option that you can consider.
  • Sizes – To determine what size of the pegboard fits you, measure the available space in the room where you’d like to hang it. You can also find the pegboards which are sold in more than one panel which allows you to configure them.
  • Weights – The weight capacity of a pegboard is a very important thing to keep in mind. You have to make sure that it’s strong enough to deal with the items that you’d like to attach. The manufacturers may not really tell you about the weight capacity, some ways that you can consider are to check the sturdiness of the pegboard’s built quality and read the reviews from other customers.

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