15+ Gorgeous DIY Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas on a Budget

Decorating your house with sparkling and colorful decor items to welcome the festive season may sound quite boring. It may make the house looks so catchy but not really that comforting.

To make your house look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time, bringing the rustic style around is surely a great idea. As you may have known, rustic involves texture and pattern which create a particular character that everyone will surely love.

In this article, we share some DIY rustic Christmas decor ideas for your ultimate inspiration.

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas

Framed Christmas Tree

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 1
Source: adventuresofadiymom.com

This wall art looks simply beautiful that you can make it all by yourself out of wood dowels. You will need to simply arrange the dowels in different sizes until you get the Christmas tree shape. The tree is then framed with wood so you will have the beautiful wall art to decorate the room.

Wagon Wheel Wreath

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 2
Source: vinyetetc.ca

In this idea, an old wagon wheel is used as the main material to create a unique Christmas wreath. Some fake greeneries, cranberries, and leaves made of sheet music even make the wreath look so attractive in a very distinctive way. There’s no big budget necessary to create the mesmerizing decor item.

Scrabble Christmas Decor

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 3
Source: ducttapeanddenim.com/

Forget those sparkling ornament balls or star figures and make this creative decor item to beautify your Christmas tree. Here, you will need some scrabble tiles and wood pieces as the main materials. You can always create your favorite words or quotes out of those scrabble tiles while giving a rustic touch at the same time.

Gorgeous String Snowflake

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 4
Source: erinspain.com

Do you love to play with strings? Well, this idea shows how to create a gorgeous decor item out of white yarn and wood board. You will need to create a snowflake shape out of the string over the wood board, and, voila, you can have a chic wall art to complement the rustic decorating style of the room.

Catchy Small Trees

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 5
Source: laurascraftylife.com

This project shows you how to create chic miniature Christmas trees. The decor item is made of a pressboard and wood fence slat. That being said, you should be quite familiar with the woodworking process. You can always create your very own patterns to personalize your Christmas decor.

Lighten Wood Sign

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 6
Source: theamericanpatriette.com

You can’t skip talking about wood pallets when it comes to DIY projects. In this idea, the wood pallets work as the main materials to create the wood sign. To lighten it up, you can use a battery-powered string light attached to the back of the wood sign. Then, some greeneries and cranberries complete the decor item beautifully.

Rustic Pinecone Wreath

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 7
Source: triedandtrueblog.com

Greeneries wreath may not really work to complete your rustic decor, and this one should be added to your list of DIY rustic Christmas decor ideas. You can create a similar wreath by preparing these materials:

  • Wreath form
  • Real or faux pinecones
  • Preserved moss sheet
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Floral wire

The combination of those materials creates a gorgeous Christmas wreath that suits well for any rustic home.

Rustic Snowy Candle

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 8
Source: decoart.com

In this idea, you will need to simply grab a glass mason jar that you no longer use. The next step is to cover the jar with a mixture of fake snow and Epsom salt. To give a more Christmas touch, a twine ribbon, greeneries, and cranberries are attached to the neck of the jar.

Vintage Ruler Tree

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 9
Source: .homeroad.net

To create this creatively unique Christmas tree, you don’t really need some vintage rulers if you don’t have one. You just need to prepare some pieces of wood and use ruler tapes in various prints. You can hang this ruler Christmas tree on your wall which will become the centerpiece of the room.

Red Ribbon Star

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 10
Source: beyondthepicket-fence.com

This is a very effortless DIY rustic Christmas decor that you can make out of super cheap materials. The main materials that you need to prepare are wood pallets, red ribbons, and nails. Then, use the red ribbon to create a star shape on the wood pallet. For sure, it’s a very nice inspiration when you are looking for a last-minute Christmas decor item.

Lighten Burlap Garland

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 11
Source: reatecraftlove.com

Hanging a garland on your wall will instantly make the room look so attractive. Here, colorful burlaps are used to create a unique garland. Of course, the texture of the garland will give a farmhouse touch to your living room decor. Moreover, the pieces of burlap are actually tied to the string light, so it can also work as an additional lighting source for the room.

Wood Christmas Tree

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 12
Source: mycreativedays.porch.com

Another inspiring idea involves woodworking skills and you will need some scrap wood as the main material. As you can see some door trim pieces are cut into triangles in different sizes and stacked each piece to create a Christmas tree. You can either hang the trees or lay them on the wall.

Flannel Christmas Trees

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 13
Source: downredbuddrive.com

Rustic decorating style is not only about earthy elements. if you are looking for a more attractive option, this one should be one of the DIY rustic Christmas decor ideas to keep in mind. This project shows you how to create small Christmas trees out of cardboard cones, flannel fabric, and star ornaments. Those materials are available anywhere at the nearby craft stores.

Lighten Rustic Tree

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 14
Source: dejavuedesigns.com

This rustic Christmas tree is made of some wood planks that you can take out of used wood pallets. To make it look more attractive, a string light is attached to the back of the tree. A burlap scarf is even wrapped around the tree to make it look as rustic as possible.

Long Wood Sign

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor 15
Source: gingersnapcrafts.com

If you plan to decorate your porch, you can refer to this idea. A long wood board is painted white and the letter J and Y are drawn. A greeneries wreath then becomes an O to make the JOY word on the board. Though it sounds like an effortless project, the decor item is enough to bring the Christmas vibe around.

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How to Create Rustic Nuance

Choose the color

When it comes to creating rustic decor, neutral colors are always the best options. For instance, you can choose whitewashed tones to let the rustic elements of the decor pop up perfectly. You may think that your walls may look dull, but the furnishings and decor items that you add to the room will help to enhance the beauty of the decor.

Keep in mind not to choose colors of decor items that are too close to the walls to avoid a boring overall look.

Add natural elements

Natural elements are the must-have additions to a rustic decorating style. There are some popular options that you can consider such as:

Wood element

Yes, it’s almost impossible to find rustic homes without wood elements around. It’s the most favorite option that will bring rustic touch in an instant.

If you want to be extra, you can choose wood flooring or walls. It’s not always about the real wood, you can choose wood laminate which is a good alternative when you have a limited budget.

Some pieces of furniture and accessories made of wood can be enough to add a rustic touch to the overall look of the room.

Stone element

The flagstone flooring or fireplace will give a mesmerizing rustic nuance to your home, of course. As a durable material, stone doesn’t only beautify the decor but also enhances the value of your house.

Metal Element

It can be quite expensive to buy stuff made of metal elements but they will make your decor look so glamorous. Some popular options include copper, brass, and iron, and those materials are mostly used to build decor items, appliances, or lighting fixtures.

For budget alternatives, you can choose the imitation version instead of the real one. They still work to make your decor look rustic without spending a lot.

Fabric element

Rustic decorating style is also known for giving comfort nuance in addition to the beautiful overall look. To achieve superbly comforting nuance, adding fabric elements is the easiest way. Add some textured throw blankets and plaid throw pillows to the decor of your living room to make everyone love to stay around for hours.

Repurpose stuff

For some creative DIYers, the rustic decorating style allows you to pour their ideas since you can use uncommon items to complete the decor. You can turn used wood pallets to create storage stations, glass mason jars for the flower vase, and even old window panels as wall art, for instance. There are tons of ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference.

Make it functional

Home decor experts suggest that every single item in the rustic decorating style should have its own function. There should be proper reasons why you put the items in the room and they just sit around for nothing. Also, make sure that the room has ample storage stations so you can avoid clutter on a day-to-day basis.

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