Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Bathroom?

If you know about air purifiers, then you may have already given thought to placing an air purifier in the bathroom. We admit it or not; bathrooms are as important as any of the house’s bedrooms in our life. A bath attached bathroom is where most people let go of their stress while taking a hot shower.

But due to a lack of ventilation and airflow, bathrooms are filled with a stinky atmosphere. To prevent mold from growing and bad odors, you need an air purifier in the bathroom.

 The bathroom is filled with unhealthy particles as it’s a closed place. The damp condition of the place allows the mildew growth resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere.

Stay with us to explore the reasons and know why your bathroom needs an air purifier.

Why do I need Air Purifier in Bathroom?

You must use soap to wash your hands to clean germs, right?. So what’s cleaning the germs and toxin particles from the bathroom air? We can say that the right air purifier for your bathroom is somewhat like a soap that cleans all the germs and bad odors.

The idea of installing an air purifier in the bathroom can exceed all other ideas regarding keeping the bathroom healthy and clean. Air purifiers allow you to control the moisture level and prevent mold from growing.

Why not Air Fresheners?

Why not use air fresheners instead of air purifiers? This question can arise in your mind. You might think an air purifier is a costlier option for you. But in reality, it’s not.

An air purifier is a permanent solution for eliminating bad odors and germs. The finest machines can serve you for up to five years. In contrast, you’ll need to buy air fresheners every month.

And one of the important, why you shouldn’t rely on air fresheners is that they release harmful gasses called VOCs. VOCs aren’t known as lethal for the human body, but continuous exposure results in adverse health issues in many cases.

Air fresheners can not help you in cleaning the air. It can only vanish the bad odor while germs and molds remain at the same point.

What Are The Top Reasons to Get An Air Purifier for Bathrooms?

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to encourage your thought of installing an air purifier in your bathroom:

Bad Odor

Cutting to the chase, we know that the bathroom stinks. And the humidity from hot showers makes it worse. Air purifiers manufactured with activated carbon filters can effectively remove bad odors from the air.

Germs and Mold

Research has shown that your bathroom can contain up to 200 million bacteria per square inch. Can you imagine how unhealthy that is!?

A HEPA filter containing air purifier can ensure catching 99.3% of the germs sized between 0.3 microns.  The bacterias get caught in the HEPA filter and dry out.


Leaving a room’s window or opening the door are two ways to let out the air or bed smell. But not every bathroom comes with a window, nor can you keep the door open all the time.

Here’s what an air purifier does to ventilate the air: it increases the airflow through the ventilators and filters it simultaneously.


The final result of using an air purifier in your bathroom is that you get fresh air after summing up the previous three reasons. Eliminating bad smells, germs and proper ventilation provide a clean and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom.

How Long Does an Air Purifier Take to Clean the Air in the Bathroom?

Usually, a top-notch air purifier takes 20 to 60 minutes to start working and cleaning the air. Depending on the bathroom’s size and the air purifier’s coverage area, you can see differences in the activation time.

An air purifier takes only 5 to 10 minutes to eliminate the bad odor caused by natural calls. It doesn’t even add any extra smell like an air freshener to the bathroom.

How To Choose The Right Air Purifier for Your Bathroom?

To choose an air purifier for your bathroom, you must consider certain factors. Your air purifier should be able to eliminate odor, germs, and other elements that result in smelly and damp conditions. If you’re in a dilemma to choose which one is right for you, then stick with the below-given parameters:


One essential ingredient that purifies the air after installing an air purifier is the filter. There are different types of filters available in the market, and not all of them can deliver the same result.

As for the bathroom, we would suggest you either choose a HEPA or UV-C Light 3-layer filter as they have delivered 99% results.

Odor removal

Another application of air purifiers is removing the bad smell from your bathroom. Activated carbon or charcoal fights the bad odor in cleansers and allows the air to pass, converting into the fresh air.


Your purifier will need to work overnight. Buzzing sound from the machine will cause disturbance in your sleep. In that case, you should focus on finding a quiet air purifier for your attached bathroom in a dilemma.

Purifiers that operate below 30 or 40 dB offer a whispering sound and are considered ideal for noise cancellation.

Size and Capacity

The standard size of bathrooms won’t allow you to install too large a purifier. Then again, too small a purifier will have to overwork and end up in malfunction. The average bathroom size is considered between 34 to 38 square feet. A small area coverage purifier should be okay to work efficiently.

Final Words

I hope this article has given you the answer to why you need an air purifier for the bathroom and made it easier to reach your final verdict. Don’t hesitate and just go for an air purifier that suits your bathroom.

Using a bathroom with a filthy atmosphere and lousy odor can only ruin your mood and health. An air purifier not only saves your health, but it’s also a permanent solution and wise investment.

We’ve enjoyed answering your question, and we hope you will share your experience of using an air purifier in your bathroom with us.

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