Farmhouse Fence for Astonishing Outdoor Space

We’re pretty sure that every homeowner wants to install a fence for their house, especially for the outdoor living space. A fence is literally the basic and maybe the only part of the house that provides not only beauty but also protection. Depending on the material that you use, it will also affect the overall look of your outdoor space. The style of the fence has a different vibe as well, for example, wall fence, lattice or flat top, picket, bamboo, and others.

One of the fence styles that you can use by using a natural element is the farmhouse style. Farmhouse style is a concept that many people know that uses woods as the main and basic material. This concept is probably the most suitable concept to use outdoor because it goes well with the backyard surrounding.

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Below, we’ve collected dozens of farmhouse fence ideas that will amaze you and you can use for your reference!

Best Farmhouse Fence

Farmhouse Fence: Flat Top Fence

Farmhouse Fence: Flat Top Fence

One of the most used fence styles is probably a flat top fence. Well, it depends on each person’s taste because for some people it looks and can be made easily, especially if you want to make it yourself. As for the color, it also depends on each homeowner’s preference that they can let the natural color as it is or paints it. Instead of using a full wood, combine it with chain link to let you see the outside.

Farmhouse Fence: Protect Your Spot

Farmhouse Fence: Protect Your Spot

If you have a seating area or a special plant in your backyard, you might want to give extra privacy for it. Of course, the only solution is by building a fence around it. Just like this idea, build a simple fence to protect your beloved area. As for the size an color, customize it based on your needs as long as it protects the thing you want to protect inside.

Farmhouse Fence: Swimming Pool Protection

Farmhouse Fence: Swimming Pool Protection

Nowadays, people build a fence to protect their swimming pool as well to protect their family members, especially children, to prevent them from accessing the pool without supervision. A wooden fence that is combined with iron or chain link can be a good option to make you still able to look at the pool area.

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farmhouse fence 4


farmhouse fence 5


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farmhouse fence 8

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For more mesmerizing farmhouse fence inspiration, let’s just keep scrolling down!

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Choosing a farmhouse fence to decorate your outdoor space is definitely a good choice. It’s because a farmhouse fence is made of wood which is a natural element and blends well with the surrounding. Of course, you can style the fence the way you want and make it looks more captivating.

Just choose your favorite farmhouse fence that suits your taste, needs, and budget and start decorating your backyard now!

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