How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture with These 5 Tips

A bedroom is a place where you find comfort and get relaxed after a long tiring day at work, therefore, making it as comfortable as possible is a must. One of the problems that can make a room feels and looks cramped is the pieces of furniture that we have. No matter how big a room, if there is too much furniture, it will only make it becomes crowded and unorganized.

You absolutely don’t want to feel cramped while sleeping or just simply when walking around your own bedroom. Arranging every piece of furniture in a bedroom is important to make you feel comfortable and cozy when you’re around. No worries. we are here to get your back and let you know what points to make sure your bedroom is not too crowded with unnecessary furniture.

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If you’re going to decorate your bedroom, we have some tips below that might inspire you.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

Before bringing everything inside your room, you have to ensure that the furniture is something that you really need, not only for decoration purposes.

Create a Blueprint

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture 1

Yes, planning is very important so you will know what you exactly want and need. First of all, please make sure:

  • The size of your bedroom
    Well, we all know that this is important because it affects the size of furniture you choose. You don’t want to fill a small bedroom with tons of bulky furniture.
  • The kind of layout that you want
    Where you will put the bed, makeup stand, mirror, dresser, cupboard, closet, etc.
  • The location of the windows
    Some people may find it bothersome to place a bed under the windows because it might make them hard to sleep because of the sun during the day and the wind at night.
  • The number of pieces of furniture to fulfill your needs
    Only place furniture that you need for your stuff and get rid of the one that is only for decorations.

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Prioritize the Function

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture 2

If you love spending your time reading in a bed, choosing side tables to place lamps is a good start. Of course, you don’t have to choose the one that is too big. Side tables with drawers on the bottom are very useful and functional that you can use to put other stuff.

If you’re going to install a TV, we recommend hanging it on the wall instead of getting a TV stand. However, if you love a TV stand, choose a minimalist design especially if the bedroom is small.

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Headboard or Footboard?

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture 3

It’s always good to choose the one with a headboard than a footboard because a bed with footboards tends to create a bulky look. A bed without a footboard can let you have a simple couch or bench at the end. Again, if you’re going to add a bench, it would be great to choose the one that is functional with additional storage.

Big to Small

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture 4

First of all, organize bigger furniture first before moving forward to another piece of furniture. Also, never buy new furniture before finishing the one that you have first. Usually, a bed is the first thing that you can decide on where to put and the layout. Next would be a dresser, closet, side tables, and other big things.

Once you’re done with the main bulky things, you can decide whether or not you really need additional pieces of furniture. One thing is that you have to make sure that you can get in and out easily with sufficient space.

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Master or Guest Bedrooms?

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture 5

The essential item for master and guest bedrooms vary but there will always be a slight difference. For guest bedrooms, you have to make sure that it has enough storage and of course, comfortable as the master bedroom.

As for storage space, instead of using a bulky dresser, you might opt for floating shelves above the bed or a vertical one so there will be more empty space for other useful things.

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Arranging bedroom furniture might look not important as long as it looks aesthetically pleasing. However, don’t let aesthetic purpose takes away the main purpose of the bedroom itself. Now, it’s your time to arrange some corners of your bedroom, so happy re-arranging!

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