How to Create a Bright Bathroom | 6 Easy Tips You Might Need

Whether you’re moving into a new house, remodeling, or building a new one, one of the rooms that you would want to check the condition is probably a bathroom. It’s because a bathroom is one of the core areas that you will use every day. No matter what decorating style you choose, many people want to create a bright bathroom for their comfort. Choosing the right paint color is an option but there are other things that can make your bathroom becomes brighter.

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We have six simple tips on how to make your bathroom looks brighter in an instant!

How to Create a Bright Bathroom

Install a Skylight If Possible

How to Create a Bright Bathroom 1

There is nothing that can illuminate a room better than natural light and yes, we know it. The beautiful natural light gives a different feel inside a room that can’t be replaced by any lighting fixture. If the position of your bathroom is in a spot that allows natural light, then installing a skylight will be great. Especially if you have a small bathroom, it will help to create a wide illusion.

Lighting is The Key

How to Create a Bright Bathroom 2

There are various lighting options that you can choose based on the bathroom’s size or spot you want to make stand out. For example:

  • Sconces: a wall-mounted lighting fixture that is usually installed on each side of the bathroom vanity. It’s also a good option if you have a concrete ceiling that makes it impossible to install a ceiling lighting fixture.
  • Chandelier or pendant: this option is a great one if you want to create a certain ambiance that can spread to the whole bathroom. For pendants, you can choose either a single one or a few of them in a smaller size.
  • Recessed light: it’s the safest lighting fixture if you want to free the wall from sconces or pendants. It’s also a neutral choice that goes well with any decorating style.
  • LED light: is more likely to be a decorative item since it’s installed behind the mirror or vanity so it doesn’t really illuminate the whole bathroom.

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More Floor Space

How to Create a Bright Bathroom 3

Emptying the floor space is also one of the ways to make the bathroom looks brighter and less cramped. You can use a floating basin, toilet, and vanity to achieve this look and enhance the elegance. This trick may look simple but it’ll definitely add more stunning points.

Additional Storage

How to Create a Bright Bathroom 4

The more organized your stuff, the more it’s hassle-free for daily use. If you’re the type who loves putting all bathroom necessities in the bathroom, make sure to provide enough storage. The built-in storage is a good one that can also work as a vanity counter.

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Less is More

How to Create a Bright Bathroom 5

The minimalist design still becomes a design that many homeowners choose thanks to its simple overall look. This design has distinctive features such as white or neutral color schemes that bring a breezy and cozy vibe. Also, the use of minimal yet functional furniture is another basic point.

The Right Fixtures

How to Create a Bright Bathroom 6

The main components of the bathroom like a shower, sink, bathtub, and toilet need to be comprehended with the overall concept of the bathroom. Therefore, take your time to browse and research the right fixture for your bathroom so you can get your dream bathroom.

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Since you’re the one who will be using your bathroom, it’s important to make a comfortable and relaxing spot. It’s time to design your dream bathroom and make it come true!

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