6 Tips On How to Design a Bedroom Beautifully by Yourself

Your house is the reflection of your personal preference and taste in design, it also includes the piece of furniture you use. Well, when it comes to something personal and really reflecting someone’s soul, we can probably all agree that it’s a bedroom. Since a bedroom is your nest, sometimes it can be tricky and challenging to decorate it although you already know your preference.

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If you’re looking for some tips on how to design a bedroom, you’re on the right page!

How to Design a Bedroom by Yourself

Choose Subtle Colors

How to Design a Bedroom 1

Try to choose calming hues or monochrome tones than bright primary colors. As you may have heard, according to the color theory, there are several colors to create a certain effect, those are:

  • Relaxing and soothing: lavender, mild blue, and green.
  • Warmth and comfort: rich earthy colors like toasted browns, rich pomegranate, and topaz.
  • Other options are muted versions of your preferred hues, such as mauve instead of eggplant and pumpkin instead of orange.

Accent Colors for the Beddings

How to Design a Bedroom 2

Since your bed ought to be the first thing you see when you enter your room so it’s recommended to use accent colors for the beddings. Some points you need to take note of are:

  • To create a beautiful contrast of a pop of color, use saffron-yellow over mild grey bedding.
  • The fundamental bedding formula is two-bed pillows, a throw pillow, and one decorative pillow.
  • To make it more attractive, use a modest motif in one of the highlights and pair it with deeper earth tones for further detail. If you want to, you can also add a plush blanket or more ornamental cushions.

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Upgrade the Walls

How to Design a Bedroom 3

An empty wall will also affect the overall finish so it’s better to decorate it even just with single-wall art. There are tons of wall decor that are available in various conventional and sophisticated patterns to fit any decor.

  • Choose either framed, 3D wall hanging art, or wall lights. This way, you could free up the space on bedside tables for books, trinkets, and ornaments.

Spruce Up the Ceiling

How to Design a Bedroom 4

The roof is another wall that is worth decorating. A few options that you can try are by using:

  • Soft shades or subtle patterns.
  • Lighter shades of paint of the same hue as the walls can give a more intimate and comfortable feel.
  • A decorative paint finish, stenciling, wallpaper, beams, or moldings.

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Cover the Windows

How to Design a Bedroom 5

A well-decorated window can highlight the view while also adding color, pattern, and dimension to the ambiance.

  • Use opaque roller shades that can be lowered to keep privacy at night and prevent morning sun if you like soft sheer drapes that filter sunlight.
  • Choose opaque shades or curtain lining in all drapes to block the light out if you want to catch up on sleep.

Add Personal Touches

How to Design a Bedroom 6

Last but not least, add your personal touch that can divine that it’s your bedroom covered by your taste. You can choose something simple like a lounging chair, a bean bag, a couch, plants, or a fashion mannequin.

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We hope that these tips can help you to get a good bedroom design inside for your personal area. Happy decorating!

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