How to Organize a Mudroom All by Yourself Quickly

Providing proper storage is a must in a very mudroom. This is where you store your shoes, coats, and other go-to items so it’s so prone to clutter.

It can be quite challenging to get the job done but our quick guide on how to organize a mudroom below will solve it in no time.

How to Organize a Mudroom

how to organize a mudroom
Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

Choose matching accents

First thing first, always choose a matching set to provide storage in your mudroom. It’s because they really help to create a neat and organized overall look to keep the room at its best.

Choose the shelves, baskets, hooks, and hangers which can complement each other very well. This is also a good way to organize a mudroom with limited space.

Add layers of storage

As an alternative (or addition) to a matching set, you can also opt for the storage stations which come in a layering design. For instance, the floating shelves with built-in hooks will help you to have a centered storage station for convenient access. Of course, this is a good space-saving solution when you have a narrow mudroom.

Consider see-through locker

A locker is a mudroom’s best friend, it’s never a bad idea to add one to provide ample storage station around. To provide easier access, consider adding a see-through locker so everyone will easily grab their stuff without having to remember which locker belongs to each one of them. This type of locker is typically made of mesh which also gives a unique texture to the overall look of the room.

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Bench, as always

Yes, a mudroom doesn’t feel really complete without the existence of a bench. Instead of choosing an awkward bench, always go with one which can also work as another storage station.

You can either choose a bench with a hidden or open storage station by referring to the items that you’d like to store there. The hidden one might offer a tidier feature while the open one is more convenient to access. The choice is yours.

Never forget the wall

For those who have a tiny mudroom, never skip utilizing the walls as much as you can. The floating shelves, pegboards, and hooks are great to handle your items without taking the space on the floor. There’s no need to be worried about the limited space that you might deal with now.

Check the corner

Besides the wall, the corner of the room can also become the space where you can maximize the storage inside. A deep corner shelf is a nice solution to add ample storage space without making the vibe feel overwhelming.

Apply labeling system

To keep your mudroom neat and tidy in a long run, consider applying a labeling system. This is a simple yet effective way to tell everyone where the home for each item is. Stick the labels to the hooks, baskets, shelves, and other storage stations that you have installed around the room to avoid clutter.

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