An Easy Guide on How to Organize Small Bathroom to Try Now

Tiny bathroom becomes more and more loved these days following the popularity of minimalist houses. Besides, you don’t really need a huge bathroom anyway, right?

However, the most challenging job that you may need to deal with is to provide enough storage inside. Rest assured, our quick guide on how to organize small bathroom below can be a good reference to solve the challenge.

How to Organize Small Bathroom

How to Organize Small Bathroom
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Utilize over the toilet

The space over or on top of your toilet is very useful to maximize the storage stations inside a bathroom with limited space. Some popular options are to place a small basket that can handle your shampoo bottles and install a rustic ladder over the toilet to hang some towels.

Add corner shelving

Of course, you can’t skip the corner of your tiny bathroom to add ample storage around. One of the easiest ways to get the job done is to place a narrow shelving unit that allows you to store tons of bathroom essentials. To even provide easier access, choose the shelving with an open design and add some baskets for better organization.

Tidy up your drawers

When it comes to a small bathroom, you can’t just use the drawers as they are since it will lead to an ugly mess. Consider adding drawer dividers which work really well to organize your bathroom essentials. You will have neater drawers in an instant and more ample space at the same time.

Check the countertop

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious countertop, complete it with some convenient storage stations like clear makeup organizers, chic trays, and portable drawers. Always store the items that you use frequently on a daily basis on the countertop to avoid clutter.

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Use the door

When you really lack available space to provide storage stations in your narrow bathroom, ask for help to your door. Yes, this is actually the space where you can hang some storage stations like floating shelves and pegboards. Store your bottles, makeup brushes. and toilet paper there.

Modify underneath your sink

Another surprising space that you can use to maximize the storage space in a small bathroom is the space underneath your sink. Make sure that you clean the space before you add anything there. The simplest option that you can consider is placing some storage baskets and bins since they can fit the space properly even with some plumbing and pipes around.

Don’t forget the shower

The shower area also provides a lot of storage opportunities that you can’t miss. Over-showerhead rack is enough to keep your soaps and shampoos, so you can access them conveniently all the time. The built-in shelves close to the shower are also loved by tons of homeowners which are so worth considering.

Bring a roller cart

With their sleek and slim design, rolling carts can offer a nice storage station without taking up a lot of space around. It’s a nice space to store linens and toiletries.

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