How To Reduce Window Glare

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Whether you’re on your final interview with your dream job or posing for your graduation photo, nothing ruins a good moment like window glare.

Known for its blinding strength, sun glare can cause damage along with temporarily blinding part of your vision. If you’re looking to reduce window glare in your home or office, we’ve got you covered.

Anti-glare window film is the most outstanding resource and main line of defense to reduce window glare. It doesn’t matter if you’re protecting your employee’s eyes in the office or keeping your kid’s peripheral vision safe. Glare control window film can do it all.

Let’s break down the benefits.

A Little Insight

In the age of Zoom, everyone has experienced that midday sunlight pouring through their window at just the right angle. As you fumble with your laptop and try to adjust, you’re losing valuable seconds in an already time-sensitive situation.

The blinding glare of sunlight peeking through your windows can be intensified by enamel coating, mirrors, and even floors. There are plenty of misconceptions about window films. One of the most common is that it will take away from the natural, beautiful light that keeps your plants happy and your energy bill reasonable.

The truth is, with residential window tinting, you can choose from different gradients, colors, and styles of window film. It’s a choose your own adventure in the form of light transmission. Between increased heat radiation and UV ray protection, the outer layer of your skin and eyes are at risk when exposed to long periods of window glare.

Window tinting can block UVA and UVB rays, and it can help lower your energy bill, offer privacy and keep your fabrics in your home or office looking bright and restored. Depending on the gradient and tint level you choose, tinting can add an extra layer of privacy to your home.

We’ve seen how sunlight exposure can fade couches, rugs, and other upholstery fabrics. Protecting these valuable assets from UV exposure keeps your pockets full and your belongings preserved.

Avoidable Conditions

Exposure to sun glare consistently can cause your eyes to feel extra dry or even sore. It can change the look of your eyes as some may turn slightly red and tired-looking. When it comes to your eye health, sun exposure increases your risk of cataracts, photokeratitis, and even skin cancer.

And if your home or office is near water, sand, or snow, you’re at a greater risk of eye damage. These properties are highly reflective and allow UV rays to easily bounce off and back to your cornea.

Reduce Window Glare

A little awareness and safety practices can go a long way especially when it comes to protecting something as valuable as your eyesight. Whether at work or play, you deserve to be able to focus, enjoy the environment around you, and feel good about the state of your health.

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