6 Tips On How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms Easily

As one of the core parts of a house with high-traffic activities, it’s impossible to exclude bathrooms when you’re doing regular cleaning maintenance. None wants to have a dirty and smelly bathroom because it will only become an absolute turnoff for the coming guests and yourself. However, it’s very possible to keep bad odors away from your bathroom and make it keep clean and smell good.

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We have some pointers that you can use as a reference to keep bad odors away so just keep reading!

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms

First of all, there are a few things that cause bad odors to linger in your bathroom such as:

  • Bad ventilation
  • Damp surrounding
  • Piled debris in the sink
  • Dirty drain system

To keep the bad odor away from your bathroom, you can use some products that can be obtained easily both in the nearest store and even in your own home.

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#1 Regular Cleaning

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms 1

This one is probably the most basic step that every homeowner needs to do. There are many things you can do to ensure every possible smelly source is thrown away like:

  • Cleaning the sink, drain, and vanity at least once a month.
  • Checking if there’s possible a mold or mildew infestation on the wall or ceiling.
  • Checking the area around the toilet.

#2 Good Ventilation

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms 2

Good air circulation is coming from good ventilation to keep your bathroom stays dry and less damp. For those who have windows then you’re lucky since it helps your bathroom change the air inside with a fresher feeling. If you don’t have windows, an exhaust fan is a good alternative. What you can do:

  • If you have windows, open them and close the door once you’re done with the shower to let the air circulate well.
  • For exhaust fan owners, you can turn it on for a few minutes to remove any moisture and let the bathrooms dry.

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#3 Air Freshener Products

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms 3

The fastest, most affordable, and instant alternatives to bring a nice scent inside your bathroom is by using air freshener products. Well, this will still become useless if you’re not keen enough to do regular cleaning.

Some types of air freshener products to use in a bathroom are:

  • Classic: this one is very familiar to use in a bedroom and living room. Usually, the scent is stronger and suitable for bathroom usage. This classic freshener has various types like liquid, gel, and solid.
  • Reed Diffuser: this is another product that many people use in a living room and bedroom with a softer scent and its aesthetic appearance.
  • Essential Oils: although this option is not too familiar to use, you can use about 5 drops inside the toilet water tank so when it flushes, the scent spreads all over the room.

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#4 Throw Damp Clothes and Towels

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms 4

This point seems like nothing special but some people may forget that damp clothes and towels that are kept inside moist bathrooms can cause bad odors. It’s because damp clothes or towels contain bacterias and other invisible contaminants. So, instead of keeping them inside the bathroom, put them outside under direct sunlight to remove the moisture.

#5 Bath Mats

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms 5

Another option you can consider is by using a good bath mat with a super absorbent feature that helps to decrease the moisture. Investing in a good bath mat will never disappoint you to get an extra dry surface since you’re not letting any bacteria grow faster around a damp and humid ambiance.

#6 Air Purifier

How to Remove Bad Odor from Bathrooms 6

The air purifier is one of the solutions to freshen your bathroom air which is also good if you want to add an extra feature for a bathroom with less ventilation access. However, in some cases, it can be quite tricky to find the best spot to put an air purifier in a bathroom. A few points that you have to keep in mind are:

  • Put it off the ground. As you know that putting an air purifier on the floor can decrease its function to purify the air. You can either put it on the shelf, vanity or mount it to the wall.
  • Put it in a spot with the best airflow like near the window or

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Those are some tips on how to keep bad odor away from your bathroom and we hope that this helps you to prevent bad odor from coming. Get ready and try them now!

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