Instances Where Drainage Is a Huge Problem at London-based Properties

The most common drainage problem is a blocked drain in London, so that’s probably what you were thinking about initially. Sometimes it’s not easy to tell what’s causing a problem with the drain, and the problem is often misdiagnosed as a clog. This can prompt residents of the affected properties to waste time and effort clearing the drain even if a blockage hasn’t formed or isn’t a major problem. This could make the problem considerably worse, necessitating more extensive and costly repairs than necessary before.

There are a number of problems that can arise from drainage issues in the home, such as water overflowing, waste draining into unintended areas, and property damage. Drainage engineers in London, or wherever it is you’re based, should be consulted in order to determine the cause of the issue, as a condition in your system is not necessarily a detrimental roadblock. We’ve compiled a list of the most common drainage problems that might arise on your property and even spread to others. Hopefully, you’ll learn something useful from this blog about solutions to the issues you’re having.

Clogs in the Drains

This is perhaps the most prevalent cause of drainage problems, but it doesn’t always explain the issue. The owner of any size or type of residence is likely to experience a clogged drain at some stage. It can take years for clogged drains to develop into a serious problem. Therefore, a clog may not necessarily be the cause of drainage issues. Fat, hair, or grease that has fallen into the drains with running water are the most prevalent culprits in blocked drainage.

Because of the inconvenience that results from drainage issues, some homeowners may decide to tackle the problem on their own. It may be easy or difficult to remove the obstruction, depending on its size, but there’s always a chance things will get worse before they get better. This is why it’s usually a good idea to call a reliable drainage specialist who can quickly find the problem and fix it.

Pipes Bursting With Leaks

Most older homes have this problem because their drainage systems have had more time to break down. When tubes have been subjected to a great deal of stress over a long period of time, they might crack or fracture. Cracks and breaks in pipes are usually found where they connect to other pipes, but they can also happen at other points in the network. Surface cracks and fractures could cause water damage to electrical lines and make the ground less stable.

If you think there is a crack or break in the drainage system, you should call a drainage engineer right away. The best way for your chosen drainage specialist to find out where a problem or damage is is for them to conduct CCTV drain surveys. Finding the origin of the fissure makes fixing it a breeze. If you aren’t a trained plumber, you probably shouldn’t try to fix a drainage system that’s broken or cracked on your own. Instead, call a professional immediately to avoid any further complications.

Poorly Installed Guttering

Having rainwater pour directly onto the grass from a faulty downpipe, even without the landlord or tenant’s knowledge, is prevalent. In the event of a strong downpour, rainwater can quickly flow off the rooftop and down into the garden, causing more problems for the guttering system.

A downpipe to drainage hookup could be an option here, as this would divert any excess water directly down the drain and away from the hazard. You could also save your lawn, reduce your water usage, and irrigate your plants with greater precision by installing a rainwater collection structure.

Before the rainfall downpipe or sewage pipe can be connected to a chamber, it must first be set on a pre-cast floor foundation, brickwork, or just in cement, and then the grid must be calibrated to the appropriate ground level. Finally, link the subterranean pipeline to the drainage network run or the soakaway container unit.


Drainage problems can be caused by a variety of different things, from clogged drains to pipes bursting with leaks. In most cases, it’s best to call in a professional drainage specialist who can quickly find and fix the problem. Poorly installed guttering or rainwater collection systems can also cause drainage problems. By using the tips in this blog post, you can help make sure that these things don’t happen on your property.



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