10+ Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Your kitchen is a spot in a house that gets dirty and messy often since you use it every day. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to make it neat. Some people choose to buy more storage like boxes or baskets and others prefer to install more shelves or cabinets. If you’re planning to renovate or remodel your current house, we would recommend having a pantry for a better space-saving feature.

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Are you looking for some inspiration? We’ve collected ten ideas for a kitchen pantry that might inspire you!

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Simple Pantry Corner

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 1

Just like this idea, even a simple pantry in the corner of the kitchen can save you from the hassle of big kitchen appliances. Especially if you choose a customized one, you can request various numbers and sizes of the shelves. Also, you can choose either closed or open style.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Stunning and Decorative

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 2

If you have a farmhouse kitchen and want to match the concept for the pantry, it’d be more stunning. Making an L-shaped shelf is more universal since it has no limitation on the size of any product you will put on there. It’s also easier to see the item that you’re going to use.

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Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Sleek Closed Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 3

This idea looks very familiar since many people use this pantry style where it’s placed in the kitchen with a cupboard look alike. However, it’s sometimes hard to take out a specific item since there are many products in the same place.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Elegant White Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 4

If your pantry is separated from the main kitchen, you can still make it looks mesmerizing with a certain decor style. The combination of wooden floating, white, and open shelves creates an elegant look to this space. It also helps to bring a brighter effect.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Sleek Open Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 5

Isn’t it so nice to see everything in place and easy to find? One of the advantages of an open pantry is that you can see the item clearly within your view. Of course, you can still use some additional storage items like baskets or boxes to organize things neater.

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Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Simple One-Side Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 6

Of course, you don’t have to force yourself to spare or even build a new room for a pantry. Instead, you can use existing empty walls to make an open pantry. If you love something aesthetic, as long as you choose the right item to store a product and arrange it beautifully, everything will look pleasing.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Hidden Secret Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 7

If you have an unused empty room, turn this space into your secret ‘gold mine’ by camouflaging it as a shelf. This kind of pantry is usually used as a ‘dirty’ area since it has the ‘real’ kitchen inside, while the outer area is for the clean part.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Minimalist Galley Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 8

Do you have a galley kitchen? If you don’t have extra space left for a pantry, you can use the end of the kitchen as a pantry. Especially if the kitchen has access to windows, it will help create a wider overall finish.

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Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Smart Space-Saving

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 9

Every empty spot is possible to turn into a pantry as long as you see the opportunity. A spot under the stairs is one of the examples that we find often. You can do some decluttering and use it to store your favorite food and other ingredients.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas: Unique Rustic Vibe

Kitchen Pantry Ideas 10

In this idea, you can get two styles of shelves to store specific food, ingredients, or other stuff and protect them from dust. To complete the look, you can also use a wood-framed door with glass to give a more stylish feel.

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Having more storage is indeed nice but you have to make sure you have enough space to make it fit. Otherwise, your kitchen will feel messier and more cramped for you to get more storage to get even worse. Making a pantry is a good option that can help you to save more space and budget.

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