Useful Kitchen Shelves Ideas to Provide Additional Storage

Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Adding shelves to a kitchen is indeed helpful and useful to keep your kitchen stuff organized and stay in place. Try to optimize every empty space in your kitchen and make it into additional storage. There are many options that you can choose to make a shelf from the modern, custom to the DIY one.

One thing that some people may not realize is that every empty corner in a kitchen can be very useful and helpful to use as additional storage. It can be a spot to put something that you use often or other kitchen appliances that are not fit inside.

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Don’t worry, to give you some inspirations, we have compiled tons of kitchen shelves ideas that will help your kitchen stays organized!

Best Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Wall of Fame

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Wall of Fame

Usually, there is always an empty spot in a kitchen that can be very useful. So, instead of letting it empty as it is, why not make your own wall of fame? Create your own wall of fame by making floating shelves for some big stuff like soup bowls or just simply decorative items. These floating shelves have all the spices that will very visible and make it easier for you to find it right away.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Earthy Rustic Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Earthy Rustic Shelves

This kitchen radiates a rustic feeling from the raw concrete backsplash so why not complete it with the same rustic vibe for the shelves. These wooden floating shelves make the kitchen looks warmer with the potted decor plant as well. To make it unique, it can be styled in half open and half closed style or with a sliding door if you don’t want to expose your kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Attractive Wall Decor

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Attractive Wall Decor

A shelf can also be a decoration of the kitchen if it is arranged properly. Just like this idea, the floating shelves look more like decoration with some decor items on it. Of course, you can still place some kitchen utensils, spices, and others instead. Not to mention the attractive white tiled backsplash and a green wall that looks very standout.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stunning Kitchen Set

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stunning Kitchen Set

For people who really love a decorative spot, this idea might excite you. This Bohemian feeling kitchen will definitely look stand out and attract everyone’s attention. Again, the wooden shelves are very popular to use in a kitchen. With some indoor potted plants and hexagonal tiled backsplash make the kitchen looks festive and captivating.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas 5


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 6


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 7


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 8


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 9

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Just keep scrolling to see more attractive kitchen shelves ideas down below!

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas 11


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 12


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 13


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 14

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas 16


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 17


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 18


Kitchen Shelves Ideas 19

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Just choose the best kitchen shelves idea that you like and keep your kitchen stays clutter-free now!

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