Metal Window Restoration Tips

Metal Window Restoration Tips

A recurring problem in metal structures embedded in the walls of a property is the appearance of parts corroded by iron oxide. This can occur both on the outside of the metal, superficially and inside it.

The cases in which the oxide begins to attack from the outside, that is, from the visible part of the frame, are the least serious. If you realize its existence in time, the affected surface will be limited only to the upper layers of metal. In such cases, it is relatively easy to treat it and eliminate the problem.

Internal Rust

But in cases where oxidation begins from inside the metal, you will see the serious damage caused by corrosion. In bad cases, the metal frame is practically destroyed. If the rusting is bad, you may need to consult a specialist in metal window restoration to get the best results.

Generally, the appearance of iron rust on windows or door frames is due to a lack of care and maintenance.

In the case of oxidation in the external part of the structure, you can probably restore the iron without much effort. But in cases where corrosion comes from inside the structure, the solution is not so obvious.

Take Action

If measures are taken quickly after detecting the appearance of iron oxide, the assistance of a professional is not necessary.

A small grain emery cloth should be applied to the corroded part of the metal and without the need for the rust to completely disappear, as much as possible should be removed.

Then the surface must be cleaned and oxide converter and enamel paint applied. The converter stops the oxidation process and the enamel protects the metal from the outside.

Deep Oxidation Or Severe Corrosion

Severe rusting is when the corrosion comes from the inside of the frame structure or when the iron oxide reaches the other side from the visible exterior of the frame. This breaks the thickness of the same and causing the disappearance of iron parts due to detachment.

The first of the cases may have as its origin in the entry of water into the structure that for a very long time was in contact with the metal.

In most of these cases when the damage is evident it is too late to restore the metal. The general solution is to change the complete part or at least the parts attacked by rust.

Fix Or Restore?

The entire rusted piece must be replaced by a new one to which anti-rust paint should be applied inside and out. If necessary, the interior of the structure will be filled with sealant to avoid new leaks.

At the end of the job and after the application of at least two coats of oxide converting paint, it is important to place silicone sealant in all joints and places where water might enter.

While slight surface rusting can be easily tackled on a DIY basis, severe corrosion must be treated by an experienced professional to get the best and long-lasting results for your metal windows.

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