Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

Rolling back to the 19th century, bathroom mirrors have always been a symbol of glamour and sophistication. No wonder, till date, designers and property owners are always on the lookout for some exceptional ideas to make their restroom look bigger and luxurious. One easy way to accomplish this feat is through the use of mirrors. One such highly opulent variety amongst the range of bathroom mirrors is the one without frames.

Owing to its stylish and futuristic looks and creating an impression of more room, Frameless wall mirror is fast becoming a prominent choice in the luxury households.

Why use frameless wall mirrors when beautiful framed patterns are there?

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

In case you are going for a wall-mounted version, the very first thing you’re going to determine is if you want it framed or otherwise. It might not seem like a significant factor initially. Still, your choice to go with a framed or frameless wall mirror is going to have a major influence on your bathroom shelf ideas — hence; it is imperative to take time and study both the options before reaching any decision.

Framed Mirror: 

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

As the name suggests, a framed mirror is one that comes with an attached border. It has more of a traditional style, and offers a decent hanging option for residents who don’t want much of a hassle. Using a framed mirror ensures installation is much easier, and the errors that might occur during the fitting process can be fixed easily.

On the flip side, framed mirrors might not go so well with contemporary home designs and architectures. Apart from that, the frame will eat up extra space, thus making it a terrible choice for smaller restrooms. The cleaning procedure will also take more time due to the additional framing component encircling the mirror borders.

Frameless Mirror:

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

Frameless mirrors are simply just a sheet of mirror-finished glass. Because of the unique ‘floating’ look they offer, frameless wall mirrors are fast becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern households— they also make the bathroom cleaning part a little less messy too.

Frameless mirrors are the ideal choice for contemporary bathrooms, where generally the focus lies on the minimalist styling options. Also, they are particularly appropriate for positioning in the recessed spaces where framed mirrors might look too voluminous.

All you need to know when using frameless wall mirror in your bathroom

Should you decide to go with the elegant and gorgeous frameless wall mirror in your bathroom, here are a few essential things that you must keep under close consideration.


When you use frameless mirrors for the interior designing of your restroom, do not overlook the dimensions— it covers not only the mirror size but also the space measurements required for mounting your mirror. If the mirror is too little according to the room proportions, its impact will be overshadowed; on the contrary, if it is too large, it might look intimidating. Nonetheless, if the primary objective of the mirror is to apply makeup and do related tasks, a small frameless mirror is an okay choice.

Quality of the mirror

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

There are many differences in mirror quality everywhere. Ideally, when gazing at your mirror, you should feel some dimension, rather than just a plain image. Also, most of the frameless mirrors have closed edges and backrest to prevent it from absorbing humidity and vapour. When purchasing a frameless wall mirror without such functionality, you are most likely to end up with a foggy reflector.


Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

To mount a frameless mirror on your restroom wall, make use of specially formulated mirror sealant or mirror clips— this will prevent greasy marks on the sides of the mirror. Also, ensure that the mounting wall is clean before installation— it will help the glue to bond well. A stainless steel putty knife is used to clean the wall surface, follow it up with a base coating and the mirror mastic. While installing it on your own is easy, leaving it to professionals is the best way to go.

Frameless Mirrors with LEDs

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

One of the biggest LED mirror pulls is that they come with quite a few outstanding advantages. In addition to being safe, eco-friendly and sustainable, the LED mirrors utilize significantly less energy in comparison to other lighting options. It is also interesting to point out that LED lights can last for aeons before the power runs out — we’re talking about thousands of hours of energy here!

Although you may as well go with frameless wall mirrors without LEDs, the ones that come pre-installed with the lighting have way too many benefits that are often hard to overlook.

Different ideas to use frameless wall mirror in the bathroom that will blow your mind

There are way too many things that might make you fall in love with a mirror— But, the most significant amongst all is that it never judges you for staring for hours and lets you style to your heart’s content. So, when you are investing in one, it is better to be good.

Let us take you through some classy as well as catchy Frameless wall Mirrors ideas that are sure to upgrade any restroom, irrespective of its size and configuration— Of course, without jumping to the budget that you have outlined.

Mirrored Walls

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

Materials such as brick and stone provide so much depth— they are imperative to infuse character in a small space. Adding a floor-to-floor ceiling Frameless wall Mirror can exemplify the style quotient so beautifully. It also helps double your gorgeous architectural elements by virtue of reflection, thus giving an illusion of more space even in a pretty shrunk restroom area.

Round Mirrors

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

A round mirror is a chic bathroom option and can smoothen the hard edges in modern and futuristic restroom designing. Go with a conventional hanging style floating frameless options with an equally eye-catching base.

Extended Single Mirror For Double Sink

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

Having double sinks doesn’t necessarily mean that now you need dual mirrors too. Split the pattern up with a single mirror stretching from one end of vanity to another. If you have got space, you can even add secret storage behind these.

Oval Sink Mirror

Mind-blowing frameless wall mirror Ideas for your bathroom

When choosing between eye-catching Frameless wall Mirrors, you are open to experimenting with the shapes— The oval sink mirror is just another futuristic option that you may try to style your contemporary bathroom.

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