Reviews: Wholesaleairtrack’s Inflatable Air Tracks


There are various ways to entertain your family members and yourself in an outdoor living space. While others have their own way by installing swings or a hammock, you might want to choose an air track, especially for you who love athletic or gymnastic activities. It’s indeed one of the best features you have to consider. Among many air track suppliers, Wholesaleairtrack is one of the suppliers you have to consider. Here’s our air track review

1. Get To Know Wholesaleairtrack

Wholesaleairtrack is the world’s biggest inflatable air track gymnastics manufacturer with several years of experience in producing high-quality air tracks. Through those experiences and several tests, they are able to create, develop, and maintain an air tumble track that lasts longer, high-quality, and definitely safe for their customer. All these good things have proven on their website based on the customer’s review that you can check here.

2. Materials Used

Wholesaleairtrack uses the highest quality materials in the industry. About the air track body, they use DWF (Double Wall Fabric, which is a new type of drawing material, composed of PVC glue and brushed space mesh). Plato PVC material intensity is up to 1000D is used for surrounding the air track and edging strip. Also, they use the combination of superglue from South Korea and the strong curing agent. Employing high-quality material is the basic and most important requirement for their air track gymnastics manufacture.

3. Sizes and Types

Reviews: Wholesaleairtrack's Inflatable Air Tracks

Wholesaleairtrack provides air tracks that are more complete for functionality and widely used on various occasions, including home, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, school, gym, playground, stadium, etc. There are three sizes of air track that you can choose based on your needs which are defined as P1, P2, and P3. While the thickness or height types are fixed, you are welcome to customize the range of the width and length based on your needs. A brief summary of these categories will be described down below:

3.1. P1 Type

This type has 10cm thickness, which is the thinnest type, that fits for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym, and school sports, as its movability and stability to make it perfectly good for these activities.

3.2. P2 Type

With 20cm thickness, this type is suitable for medium and advanced athletes. It’s bouncier than P1 AirFloor but less bounce than P3, soft and bounce, good for flips, tumbling practice.

3.3. P3 Type

Meanwhile, this type has a 30cm thickness air track which is the most versatile and bounces air track that you can use for a slow and easy bounce.

4. Other Benefits Wholesaleairtrack Offers


There are some other benefits that you can get for purchasing every Wholesaleairtrack product on their website that you can miss. Some of them are:

– Every of your order will be shipped directly from Wholesaleairtrack’s factory so you can get wholesale prices and cost-effective products.

– Every air track will come with a free repair kit and a special bag that will protect and make it easier to carry around. Unfortunately, every purchase excludes an air pump, which means that you have to buy it separately. However, no worries! Because air pumps are also available on the website

– A 2-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects, non-man made damage to all parts, including seams and surface.

– Customization of gym air track style, size, and various color from black to blue inflatable air track. Definitely everything for you! Moreover, you can add your own name or logo to add a more exclusive look to your air track.

– They ship to various countries such as North America (Canada, United States, Mexico, Trinidad), Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador) with ETA between 5 – 9 days.

So, if you love gymnastics or want to provide athletic media with a high-quality material that is safe for all of your family members, Wholesaleairtrack might be your first and last stop shop!

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