Attractive Short Fence Ideas for Your Alternative Option

short fence

A fence is a basic outdoor feature that homeowners use not only to protect their front or backyard but also for aesthetical purposes. Since a fence is a feature that you use for an outdoor place, you would want to have a stunning one. One of the fence styles that you can use as an alternative is a short fence.

A short fence is the style that lets you install and maintain it easily. A short fences is also easy to build, especially for you who love to do it by yourself. As for the materials, just like tall fences, you can use any materials depends on your taste, needs, and budget.

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To see a closer look at how to install a short fence, below we have compiled dozens of simple short fence that you can always use as your reference.

Best Short Fence Ideas

Short Fence: Rustic Short Fence

Short Fence: Rustic Short Fence

If you have a rustic style as the main idea of your house, you might want to complete it for the outdoor feature as well. The exposed bricks wall house looks complete with a short picket fence. The rusty wood can be a good option to create a classic and vintage look.

Short Fence: Flat Top Short Fence

Short Fence: Flat Top Short Fence

One of the common fence styles that many people use is a simple fence with a flat top. This white short fence has the same style and color as the house itself. Another thing that you need to consider before installing a fence is by deciding a concept first.

Short Fence: Steel Fence Gate

Short Fence: Steel Fence Gate

Another common feature that you can choose is by installing a fence and gate at the same time. As for the material, you would want to choose the one that has good durability and weather-resistant like dark wood, steel or iron.

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short fence 4


short fence 5


short fence 6


short fence 7


short fence 8

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More inspiring short fences are still available down below so just keep scrolling down and get ready to see more flashy ideas!

short fence 9


short fence 10


short fence 11


short fence 12


short fence 13

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short fence 14


short fence 15


short fence 16


short fence 17


short fence 18

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So, those are some beautiful short fence ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference. Since a fence is the face of your house, you might need to install an attractive one. Though it looks like a small feature, a fence can be the focal point of your house.

Choosing a short fence is also a good choice because you can maintain, organize, and clean it easily. It’s also a good option if you are planning to install it by yourself and want to add some modifications. Just pick the best short fence idea that suits your taste and start giving protection to your home now!

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