Minimalist Simple Fence Ideas for Simple Outdoor Protection

Simple Fence Ideas

The fence is an outdoor fea4ture that all homeowners need to install whether for security, privacy, or even appearance purpose. There are various types, designs, and materials of fences that you can pick based on your budget, house style, and the finished look that you want to match. A simple fence can be a good inspiration if you want simplicity but also the one that matches your home.

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Below we’ve compiled some simple fence ideas that might inspire you to update your outdoor view!

Best Simple Fence Ideas

Simple Fence Ideas: Minimalist Slatted Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 1

If you love a simple fence look, this one can be a good one to steal. This one is suitable for a backyard as a privacy or security feature. The slight space between each board can be used to create a vertical garden.

Simple Fence Ideas: Captivating Fence Gate

Simple Fence Ideas 2

A short fence has its own charm that looks captivating. Just like this fence, the combination of a stone fence, a wooden gate, and a brick pathway creates a lovely rustic look.

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Simple Fence Ideas: Stunning Pallet Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 3

Wood is a material that you can trust when it comes to giving a natural finish which suits the best with an outdoor ambiance, especially around a green garden.

Simple Fence Ideas: Classic Picket Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 4

A classic picket fence is perfect if you have a classic traditional or contemporary house. A picket fence is quite affordable and easy to install by yourself so you might want to add this to your wish list.

Simple Fence Ideas: Flat Top Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 5

A wood fence still becomes one of the fences that many people use. Another option to choose other than a picket fence is a lattice fence with a flat top that enhances simplicity.

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Simple Fence Ideas: Minimalist Privacy Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 6

Having a sitting area in a backyard is a point plus that can add value to your outdoor space. To give extra privacy, install a simple privacy fence around the sitting spot.

Simple Fence Ideas: Wood Plank Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 7

Here is another simple wood fence that works for security and privacy purposes. It matches perfectly with the wood and cozy furniture.

Simple Fence Ideas: Stylish Fence Pergola

Simple Fence Ideas 8

For homeowners who have a porch or sitting area on the deck, a privacy screen fence and a pergola are the perfect combos worth trying. The all-white concept beautifies this space.

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Simple Fence Ideas: Vertical Black Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 9

If a horizontal fence looks too classic for you, try a vertical one that can make your backyard looks more unique especially if you use black paint to colorize it. To make it more functional, use it as the base of a vertical garden.

Simple Fence Ideas: Striking Black Fence

Simple Fence Ideas 10

If the minimalist design is the general concept of your house, using black to colorize your fence is a good choice. It matches perfectly with the white gravel patio and chairs.

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Pick your favorite simple fence idea and start working on your current fence to get an updated look now!

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