10+ Exhilarating Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas for Your Outdoor

The swimming pool is probably one of the best water features that many homeowners want to build in their houses. It’s a functional feature that can be a spot to relieve your stress and also increase your house’s value. There are various styles, designs, and materials that you can choose from. An outdoor swimming pool is indeed common because you can get an oasis for your family and yourself

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Having a swimming pool can be a great investment so here are some swimming pool ideas that might inspire you!

Best Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Simple Rectangular

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 1

A rectangular pool is the most common shape that is suitable for any backyard shape. In this idea, instead of making an inground pool, you can optimize your porch as the base of the pool and make it an above-ground pool so you can use the backyard for a playground.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Breathtaking Design

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 2

If you want to make a breathtaking pool, this rocky pool design with a slide and waterfall can be a good inspiration. If you have toddlers in your family, you would have to make sure of their safety when using this spot. The design and material that is used for this pool match perfectly with an outdoor look.

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Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Simple Pool Design

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 3

This minimalist rectangular swimming pool is perfect for those who want to create a cozy water feature. Along with a jacuzzi and slide, this swimming pool is enough to beautify your outdoor space. To make it more fun, add a basket post so your family members can use it as a playing area.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Minimalist Pool

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 4

Here’s another simple pool design that can be a great spot to enjoy any casual occasion. Using a bright base color can help to lighten its color both day and night with natural and lighting reflection. As for the patio around the pool, make it wider to be a sunbathing spot.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Creative Pool Spot

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 5

Even with a narrow backyard, you can still build a pool like this one. A rectangular swimming pool with emerald green tiles and, dark wood fencing and decking become the centerpiece that stands out so much. Using wood as the deck around a pool is good so it won’t be as slippery as tiles.

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Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Cozy Small Pool

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 6

Again, don’t let a small area stops you from having a swimming pool. Create a small pool between the area in your house and bring more decorations to give a unique look. Not only living decorations you can also give ceiling decorations to make it looks filled and full.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Cozy Natural Look

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 7

A swimming pool can be an oasis that freshens your outdoor living space with a paver patio and garden as the background. This minimalist pool enhances the casual vibe in this spot and also adds elegance from its perfect layout and arrangement.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Unique Stock Tank

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 8

A stock tank pool can be a good option if your backyard’s ground doesn’t support your pool needs. This pool is quite affordable, easy to maintain, and much safer for your children. To make it looks more stands out, you can add a pergola or a deck around the pool as an additional feature.

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Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Elegant White Decor

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 9

For you who have a modern house, a simple rectangular or square pool can be a good choice. The white surroundings make it look more elegant and stylish with contrasting colors.

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas: Stylish Modern Pool

Swimming Pool Backyard Ideas 10

This backyard gives a fresh tropical look from the garden but also a stylish nuance that comes from the black pool that has a contrasting color with the white patio. Instead of making it inground, an above-ground style makes it looks more eye-catching and matches the modern feel of the cozy sitting furniture.

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Did you find a swimming pool that suits your taste? If you did, it’s time to make your own dream outdoor swimming pool right now!

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