Inspiring Swimming Pool Deck Ideas You Need to Copy Now

There is a charm about a swimming pool that will make any outdoor area looks more attractive and of course, not to mention the value that it adds to the home. If you’re installing or building a swimming pool outdoor, you might want to add other features to complete the look.

One of the features is a deck which is a part of the house that is usually made of wood. The deck around a swimming pool area is usually used to provide more space to relax or if the pool’s position is higher (above-ground style). Adding a deck definitely adds more points to your swimming pool area.

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If you’re planning to build a deck around your swimming pool, we have compiled ten ideas for you, so check them out!

Best Swimming Pool Deck Ideas

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Simple Stock Tank

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 1

For people who have a small backyard, a stock tank pool is a good one. Also, for parents who have children or pets, to create a safer surrounding and easy access, a wooden deck is definitely a great feature to consider. This layout really suits well with the garden.

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Unique Bohemian Style

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 2

This idea is a perfect one if you want to make a unique-looking backyard with some accents and patterns. To complete the soft boho concept, use natural light wood that goes perfectly with the white surroundings. Use the other side of the area as a sunbathing spot.

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Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Minimalist Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 3

Just because there is not enough space for the pool, you can use the rest of the backyard area for the base. Like this inground swimming pool, the wooden deck is connected to the back area. It just needs a fence for a safer place and a glass fence is a good choice for a stylish overall look.

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Cozy Sitting Area

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 4

This area looks so cozy with a built-in wooden bench around. It’s a fun place for everyone both the children and parents because they are under supervision. Although the pool is not too big, it still gives a breathtaking look to the backyard along with the concrete and rock wall fence.

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Captivating Swimming Area

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 5

Having a big backyard is indeed good because you can have a bigger pool with special decorations. In this picture, the pool is located in the corner next to the fence with its own place. Also, the pool is surrounded by outstanding features like a pergola, deck, and plantations.

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Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Minimalist Rooftop Pool

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 6

Who said that a rooftop can’t look stunning? The dark wood deck looks so relaxing for your outdoor areas that will also enhance the value of your quality time. This idea is unique because usually, some people would prefer an inflatable style to fit the surface and space.

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Fresh Tropical Vibe

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 7

When it comes to an outdoor area, a concept that will come first to our mind is probably something fresh and breezy. One of the concepts is a tropical decorating style that has a distinct feature like banana trees. Like this idea, the wooden deck matches so well with the surroundings.

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Classic Meets Modern

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 8

The wooden deck gives a classic vibe but doesn’t mean that it’s less attractive. If you want to add a deck around the pool but don’t want to cover all the surroundings, you can simply use this inspiration.

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Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Simple Wooden Deck

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 9

Here’s another simple deck that is installed only for the sunbathing area. Again, wood is a universal and versatile material that blends really well with any decor style as you can see in this modern minimalist house.

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas: Stunning Outdoor Space

Swimming Pool Deck Ideas 10

Who doesn’t love this outstanding outdoor space that comes with a swimming pool and sitting area? The deck is installed as a base of the sitting area and also to surround the swimming pool.

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Whether it’s for an extended area, to ease pool access, or just simply for decoration, having a deck is quite functional and attractive. Now it’s your time to get an attractive swimming pool deck in the backyard.

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