The Do’s and Don’ts When Installing a Security Camera on Apartments

apartment makes every homeowner consider installing a security camera. Most landlords won’t provide a safety device because they are expecting the renters would be responsible for it. The National Crime Prevention Council has recorded not less than 85% of burglary cases among rental properties. That is why investing in a high-quality surveillance system matters to prevent any trouble.

Since the bad guys might infiltrate your home at any time, understanding the do’s and don’ts for security cameras can help. That include:

1.Maintaining Address Privacy

People nowadays overshare stuff on social media, which can put lives in extreme danger. The best example is when you spend some time on vacation and every detail is posted on the internet. This will give intruders a hint that no one will catch them when they sneak into your house. The lesson here is that not every agenda you are into must be posted online because criminals are now digital.

This is not to limit homeowners to share their travel plans but to enhance privacy. The best thing to do is just inform people closest to you by messaging them to restrict your audience. Make sure they are trustworthy and won’t take advantage of the scenario to betray you.

Another piece of advice is to start posting photos of your getaway online right when you arrive home. Even though a bad guy has a plan to invade your property, there will be no way it will succeed.

2. Build Good Relationships

Living in an apartment demands you to be a friendly neighbor. No one will help each other but you and your fellow residents. Start building a good relationship with the family next door by being nice to them.

This is the first step to identifying whom you can trust in times of danger. Most homeowners who had a good friend in the neighborhood feel at ease leaving the property now and then. This means that there will be someone who can look after the house and be vigilant in case there are suspicious guests.

Communities can be as good as a security system which you must invest in daily conversation to gain their trust as well. It is a two-way benefit for apartment dwellers out there.

3. Good Lighting

Intruders like dark spots a lot because they can do bad things without being caught. Therefore, apartments should be well-lit from front to back just to ensure better protection. Always check on the lights and inform the landlord if there are deadlights to be replaced immediately.

Good lighting is necessary at the front door to easily notice whoever is approaching. It keeps away burglars and other unwanted objects coming near your property. The most common concern would be the increase in energy consumption. Reduce your consumption by using battery-powered lamps to light up the entrance or install timers for scheduled lighting.

When you are away from home, it is vital to switch on some lights so that it is not that obvious that no one is around. This will threaten intruders to go into your house.

Furthermore, good lighting will benefit a security camera to see objects clearly at night. Cameras with a night vision are worth buying to identify intruders even in low-light conditions. It will guarantee crystal clear footage within a specific distance, so better install the camera on the front door.

4. Keep Doors and Windows Locked

Burglars often find doors and windows a great entryway to do a malicious act. You can request double locks from the landlord to better secure your belongings. Some households would prefer smart locks but this is subject to the landlord’s consent, as they require proper installation.

The type of lock needed will depend on the door and window style. For example, some apartments are made of sliding doors of which security bars can provide the best protection for such kinds.

Other parts of the apartment are meant to be shared, such as laundry rooms. Talk it over to the landlord in case you also want to secure the external doors to limit access.

It is safe to say that landlords have the right to keep a duplicate key for each apartment. Homeowners must be mindful whenever the landlord does a regular inspection of the property. Having the key does not guarantee landlords to enter the rooms without permission.

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5. Choose the Right Security Camera

Not all apartments are inclusive of a security camera. The good news is that most CCTVs are non-wired and easy to install without leaving any mark on the walls. Installation of a security camera must be under the approval of the landlord, as some would reject the idea. The latter case gives you an alternative to installing motion detectors instead.

Modern security systems are digital and easy to connect to your smartphone for remote monitoring. It is a perfect tool when you go on vacation to keep the house safe from intruders. Additionally, most devices are cheap with lots of unique features to offer.

Final Thoughts

Hiring security camera installers is the next step after finding the right security camera for your apartment. This is not mandatory but would reassure you of a better defense against intruders. They know the correct spot to install a CCTV where it can capture clearer footage. Regardless of a good security camera around your house, always keep in mind the other do’s and don’ts to protect the household.

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